Newsletter | March 22, 2021

03.22.21 -- Scaling Up A Successful Technology Transfer

Critical Success Factors For Cell Line Development

Optimal cell line development is crucial for successfully navigating clinical trials and diverse, challenging regulatory approval processes. Discover what you should know about cell line development to ensure a successful launch.

Manufacturing For Biopharma: Should I Build Or Outsource?

The standardization of biologics manufacturing processes has given product developers multiple viable options for producing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), including building an in-house mAb production system or partnering with a contract biologics manufacturer. This article shares a success story for an early-stage technology transfer and the parameters to consider to stay ahead of your competitors.

Ensuring A Successful Technology Transfer

Large-scale technology transfers often present significant technical and operational challenges. Manufacturing at scale requires adherence to established, scale-dependent process parameters and close examination of product characteristics and quality attributes. Learn the key considerations when preparing to move products from small-scale to large-scale production.

Dedicated To Digitalization

As the biopharma industry continues to integrate more digital solutions into the manufacturing space, we are also quickly adapting — with integrated systems, virtual user experiences, and technology initiatives. Through digital transformation, we are innovating how we connect while driving enhanced client experiences with efficiency and advanced mobility.

Fully Integrated CMO, CDO, And CRO Services

Samsung Biologics is a reliable partner for seamless tech transfers, clinical and commercial manufacturing, aseptic fill/finish, and analytical testing. Committed to partnership, you will have a dedicated project management team walking you through your product’s entire development and manufacturing journey. We are committed to operational excellence in cGMP manufacturing and quality assurance.

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