White Paper

Serialization – The Key To Success For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Where health is concerned, trust is central to the healing process. In addition to the medical knowledge of the physicians who treat us, and confidence in our own body's defences, above all we trust in the efficacy of drugs. After all, science is developing more and more effective drugs which critically advance recovery.

But trust in pharmaceutical manufacturers is being shaken more and more by counterfeit products. Such counterfeits are drugs and pharmaceutical products which may not contain the effective ingredients, and may have adverse effects, in the worst case resulting in fatality. WHO, the World Health Organisation, estimates that 10% of the drugs sold worldwide are counterfeit products. It has also been suggested that 50% of the drugs ordered via the internet are counterfeits. (Sources: WHO, 15 February 2006; WHO Fact Sheet No. 275, January 2010). Pharmaceutical counterfeit products are already a worldwide problem!

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection