SmartRocker Bioreactor

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific


At Finesse, our goal is to enable customers to quickly and efficiently manufacture innovative drugs and vaccines. The SmartRocker™ brings next generation control and measurement to rocking bioreactor applications. A SmartRocker is controlled by a G3Lab™ Universal SmartController and Finesse TruBio® software. This turn-key package provides a complete solution for research, process development, or seed train production applications.

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Designed for R&D and process scale-up, the SmartRocker allows the user to configure the rocking motion from a smooth waveform that minimizes shear forces for sensitive cell lines through four intermediate steps to an aggressive motion that maximizes oxygen transfer for robust cells with high oxygen demand. An adjustable tray adapter allows the use of 10 L and 20 L bags without the need for tools.

Each Finesse SmartBag bioprocess container can be attached to a SmartPuck incorporating three sensors (pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature). These process variables are utilized by the Finesse SmartController to create the best possible cell culture environment. Such closed loop feedback control allows the cell growth process to be optimized for cell density, viability, productivity, and reproducibility.

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