Newsletter | March 7, 2020

03.07.20 -- Solid Dose Manufacturing Product Showcase


Pharmaceutical Online’s Product Showcase — your trusted resource for featured equipment and services specific to the solid dose manufacturing space.

Single-Use Containment Systems For Granulator Equipment

In the pharmaceutical industry, granulation is used to create bonds between particles as part of the oral solid dosage manufacturing process. ILC Dover supplies a family of products that supports contained granulator operation and features validated containment technology, clear film, and the ability to retrofit to existing equipment design.

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ILC Dover
Quadro Comil Milling, Granulation, And Drying Enclosure

The Quadro Comil/High-Shear Diosna Milling and Granulation Enclosure is designed to provide personnel protection down to a respiratory exposure concentration of 100 nanograms per cubic meter (ng/m3) during milling and granulation operations.

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Flow Sciences Inc.
Cleanrooms For Solid Dose Manufacturing
At the core of the sterile manufacturing operation, process technology drives the ability to safely, efficiently, and repeatedly produce sterile products. Today, the most commonly prescribed approach is to close the manufacturing process and locate it behind a fully contained ISO 5 isolator system in an ISO 7 or ISO 8 background cleanroom environment.
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AES Clean Technology, Inc.
Extruder For Pharmaceutical Compounds

The ZSK 18 MEGAlab laboratory extruder is the smallest member of the ZSK family. This targeted and further development of proven ZSK technology extends the performance range of the series for R&D and the production of pharmaceutical materials in a minimum quantity range.

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Coperion & Coperion K-Tron
Seal Integrity Test System: Blisters, Vials, Bottles

Optical emission spectroscopy is an innovative CCIT (container closure integrity testing) solution for the pharmaceutical industry. The products can be sampled directly from the production line and loaded into the test chamber without any specific conditioning. At the end of the test sequence, the result is clearly displayed and a PDF report is automatically generated at the batch closure.

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Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.
Pharmaceutical Metal Detector: Tablets, Capsules

Achieve cost-effective, high-sensitivity detection in the most demanding pharmaceutical applications. The Thermo Scientific APEX 500 Rx Metal Detector offers the high levels of consumer and brand protection in a reliable and easy-to-use package.

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Thermo Scientific Product Inspection
Gravity FlowSD Metal Detector

Gravity FlowSD metal detection systems deliver unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity to all metal contaminants in bulk, free-flowing powders and granular products. All systems incorporate an integrated high-speed reject valve.

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Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
Dry Blenders For Pharmaceutical Processing

Charles Ross and Son Company offers four types of pharmaceutical dry blenders: ribbon, paddle, vertical, and tumble. There is a type of blender that will be most efficient in each application.

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Charles Ross and Son Company
Moisture Determination Of Solid Dose Dry Products

Residual product moisture content is a critical parameter when considering the stability and shelf life of lyophilized pharmaceutical product, sterile powders, or solid dosage product. Lighthouse offers complete solutions for the moisture determination of dry product.

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Lighthouse Instruments
Used VFC Lab 1 Vector Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Dryer

Used Vector fluid bed dryer, model VFC-Lab 1, stainless-steel construction, top spray chamber with spray gun, bottom spray Wurster conversion with spray gun, electrically heated with blower, 230 volt, serial # FL-489-46311, built 2008.

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Federal Equipment Company
Cleaning Detergent: Low-Foaming, High-Alkaline Liquid

Keylajet is a low-foaming, high-alkaline liquid designed for hard-to-clean soils, grit, grime, slime, grease, buffing compounds, oils, particulates, deposits, chemicals and solvents, mold releases, metal oxides, and more.

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Alconox, Inc.
Contract Packaging Services For Tablets, Capsules, Powders

With ample available capacity, Ropack Pharma Solutions provides the efficiency of five bottling lines with quick changeovers, online validated fill accuracy, and the flexibility to accommodate small lots to commercial runs for the bottling of tablets, capsules, and powders.

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Ropack Pharma Solutions
Nondestructive Blister Leak Tester

The VeriPac UBV Leak Detection System is a deterministic nondestructive technology designed specifically for multicavity blister packs for pharmaceutical packaging. The system utilizes volumetric imaging under vacuum to detect the presence and location of leaks.

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PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems
R&D Tablet Press

The NP-RD10A fits on benchtop areas and is constructed with an electro-less nickel frame. Using this tablet press in lab research significantly helps to significantly improve tablet uniformity, reduce trial and error, decrease formulation waste, and save valuable time and effort.

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Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.
Remote Particle Counter

The TSI AEROTRAK Model 7510 Remote Particle Counter offers a wide range of features and flexibility compared to other remote particle counters. The instrument can be powered over its Ethernet connection to simplify installation, or via a local power supply. Configuration can be done locally with a PC or via a web browser.

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TSI Incorporated
SGcaps Soft Gelatin Capsules

Our expert scientists and manufacturing specialists can help your products succeed by solving your complex solubility, stability, and bioavailability formulation challenges, supporting your development efforts, and helping ensure a successful launch of your soft gel products.

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Capsugel® | Lonza Pharma & Biotech