Newsletter | November 20, 2021

11.20.21 -- Solid Dose Manufacturing Product Showcase


Pharmaceutical Online’s Product Showcase — your trusted resource for featured equipment and services specific to the solid dose manufacturing space.

NP-500 Rotary Tablet Press

The NP-500 Series is a double-sided, single footprint rotary tablet press ideal for high compression ratio products.

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Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.
Milling/Mixing/Reactor Charging Isolators

The Extract Technology Milling Interface Isolator is designed to enable operators to manipulate and mill hazardous materials in a contained manner, protecting both the operator and the surrounding environment.

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Dec Group
Solid Dose Contract Packaging Services

HVAC ventilation and AC systems.

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Ropack Pharma Solutions
Flashmix Powder/Liquid Mixers
The Silverson Flashmix takes a revolutionary approach to powder/liquid mixing. Unlike many powder/liquid mixers, which use vacuum to pull in powders, the Flashmix literally forces powder into the liquid stream. This not only allows it to disperse and hydrate large volumes of powders, it also means it can be used at higher temperatures and with higher viscosity mixes, offering the advantages of high-shear mixing to a wide range of applications where it was previously not possible.
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Silverson Machines, Inc.
Tablet Press Feeder For Die Wall Lubrication

The Coperion K-Tron PH line of pharmaceutical design loss-in-weight tablet press feeders is engineered for accurate dispensing of powder lubricants directly to the tablet press punch and die wall surfaces. The Coperion K-Tron tablet press feeder offers an automated, nearly constant feed rate, providing uniform coating of the tablet tools and avoiding sticking problems. 

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Coperion & Coperion K-Tron
Helium Leak Detection For Blister Packaging

A helium-based test method for verifying the integrity of a blister card holding drug product has been proven to be the most effective approach due to the extreme sensitivity offered. The test method relies on detecting helium sealed in the package system as it escapes through microchannels in the package. The resulting pressure differential causes helium to escape through potential holes or cracks in the package.

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PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems
SP VirTis Ultra Pilot And Small-Production Lyophilizer
The Ultra Pilot Lyophilizer is suitable for pilot-scale work as well as small production runs. Shelf temperatures as low as -70° C and condenser temperatures to -85° C support a wide range of applications.
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SP Scientific Products
High-Potency API-Filled Capsule Inspection System

The HPAPI Capsule Inspection System is designed to provide personnel protection during the inspection of filled capsules containing highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient (HPAPI) powder. Accommodates space for an analytical weighing balance and capsule inspection bats (paddles). Acrylic viewing panels above the enclosure face provide a continuous, uninterrupted line of sight during inspection processes. 

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Flow Sciences Inc.
Moisture Determination Of Dry Product
Residual product moisture content is a critical parameter when considering the stability and shelf life of lyophilized pharmaceutical product, sterile powders, or solid dosage product. Lighthouse offers complete solutions for the moisture determination of dry product.
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Lighthouse Instruments
Pharmaceutical Powder Containment Enclosure
The JetVent system allows for easy and confident handling of expensive and dangerous powders. The pressure inside the enclosure, measured with high precision, is used to control fan speed and gas inlet.
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ILC Dover
Modular Cleanroom Design And Construction For Oral Solid Dose (OSD) Manufacturing
Your future cleanroom is the most crucial asset within the entire manufacturing environment. It surrounds critical manufacturing processes where your pharma or biotech company makes its lifechanging products. The investment you make in the cleanroom facility should reduce your manufacturing risk and guarantee your performance. AES is the cleanroom expert because it's the only thing we do — singular focus on providing the most flexible cleanroom technology solutions for over 35 years.
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AES Clean Technology, Inc.
Vertical Blenders For Manufacturing
Ross V-Blenders are most often used for the intimate dry blending of free-flowing solids. The solids being blended in these units can vary in bulk density and in percentage of the total mixture. Materials being blended are constantly being split and intermixed as the shell rotates. Normal cycle times are typically in the range of 15 minutes; however, they can be less depending on the type of blending.
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Charles Ross and Son Company
Used GEA High-Shear Granulator Mixer
Used Gea Niro high-shear granulating mixer, model PMA 1, stainless-steel product contact surfaces, with three bowls (3-liter, 7.5-liter and 10-liter), serial# 872500.
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Federal Equipment Company
Cleaning Detergent For Oral Solid Dose (OSD) Process Equipment

Keylajet is a low-foaming high-alkaline liquid designed for hard-to-clean soils, grit, grime, slime, grease, buffing compounds, oils, particulates, deposits, chemicals and solvents, mold releases, metal oxides, and more.

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Alconox Inc.