Newsletter | November 19, 2022

11.19.22 -- Solid Dose Manufacturing Product Showcase


Pharmaceutical Online’s Product Showcase — your trusted resource for featured equipment and services specific to the solid dose manufacturing space.

Water Activity Testing For Oral Solid Dose Pharmaceuticals

Gain insight on the technical and regulatory justification to add water activity measurements into pharmaceutical stability protocols.

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Lighthouse Instruments
Seal Inspection Technologies For Tablets And Capsules Packaging

Nondestructive package testing of multicavity blisters — completely tool-less for different blister formats.

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PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems
Contract Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Services

According to recent market surveys the global blister packaging market reached a value of U.S. $22.7 billion in 2021. Looking forward, the market is set to reach U.S. $32.2 billion by 2027 exhibiting a CAGR of 5.8% during 2022-2027.

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Ropack Pharma Solutions
Continuous Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing Systems

Continuous manufacturing is changing oral solid dosage (OSD) production. Higher flexibility, shorter development times with minimum API usage, and a direct transfer from development to production without scale-up are among the primary requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers. In continuous manufacturing, the processes occur one after the other without interruption while the product is charged and discharged simultaneously. The main challenge with traditional solutions is the precise dosing of the starting materials in a constant mass flow rate of milligrams per second.

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Syntegon Pharma Technology Inc.
Tablet Compression Tooling

A global leader in manufacturing, Natoli Engineering Company delivers superior tablet compression tooling. Every punch and die is produced from quarantined steel and tested for hardness and exact chemical composition by stringent quality specifications. 

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Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.
Small Scale R&D Micronization Equipment

The systems can be provided in sterile, toxic, or sterile toxic arrangements with the great advantage of being 100% scalable.

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Dec Group
Used Elizabeth Hata 55-Station Pharmaceutical Tablet Press

Used Elizabeth Hata HT-X55LD-U Tablet Press, 55-station, B-tool, eight-ton pre and main compression, keyed upper punch guides, dual sided, force feeders, 16mm max tablet diameter, 14mm max fill depth, 528,000 TPH max, feed hoppers and control panel, controls upgraded 2016. S/N: 2027. Control S/N 00216.

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Federal Equipment Company
Modular Cleanroom Design And Construction

Your future cleanroom is the most crucial asset within the entire manufacturing environment. It surrounds critical manufacturing processes where your pharma or biotech company makes its lifechanging products. The investment you make in the cleanroom facility should reduce your manufacturing risk and guarantee your performance. AES is the cleanroom expert because it's the only thing we do. Singular focus in providing the most flexible cleanroom technology solutions for over 35 years.

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AES Clean Technology, Inc.
Pharmaceutical Feeders For Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing

No two process applications are the same, and Coperion K-Tron offers the widest range of feeding solutions in the industry. From screw feeders to vibratory feeders, bulk solids pumps, weigh belts, liquid feeders, and flow meters, all feeders are offered in a variety of configurations, which can be combined to create an optimal solution for any application.

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Coperion & Coperion K-Tron
Pharmaceutical Sanitary Mixers

Silverson's range of sanitary mixers are 3A type and EHEDG certified and designed to comply with FDA and cGMP requirements.

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Silverson Machines, Inc.
Single-Use Containment Systems

ILC Dover is 100% focused on containing your process to get your product to market fast, safe, and pure. Our single-use containment solutions leverage our patented and industry-leading ArmorFlex films to deliver extreme durability for a lower cost.

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ILC Dover
ChargeBag PE Pharmaceutical Single-Use Bags

Single-Use Transfer Bags.
The ChargeBag PE enables a simple, contained transfer of powder.

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ChargePoint Technology
Containment Equipment

Contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) provide a comprehensive, single-source drug development and commercial manufacturing solution that requires unyielding safety and processing standards. We believe that understanding the importance of our client’s process first is the key to a successful partnership.

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Flow Sciences Inc.
Batch Management Software For Drug Manufacturing

Build batches that easily scale up or down according to size, complexity, or customization.

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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) For Drug Manufacturing

A traditional MES is too complex. Our solution is disrupting the market with a modern, cloud-based alternative that is fast to deploy, simple to configure, easy to use, and cost-effective to roll out across all your lines and sites.

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MasterControl, Inc.
High-Shear Mixers For Pharmaceutical Processing

Ross manufacturers the world’s broadest line of rotor/stator pharmaceutical high-shear mixers.

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Charles Ross and Son Company
Pharmaceutical Metal Detection Systems: Tablets And Capsules

Designed to meet the exacting standards and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline pharmaceutical metal detectors provide the ultimate solution in fully integrated product inspection and rejection systems for tablets, capsules, powders, and granules. Our metal detection systems are designed to detect all metal contaminant types, including ferrous, nonferrous, and even the most difficult to detect nonmagnetic stainless steels.

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Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
Remote Particle Counter: IsoAir Pro-E

A Compact, VHP-Resistant Remote Particle Counter.
As part of a facility monitoring solution, the IsoAir Pro-E Remote Particle Counter from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is an effective piece of a contamination control strategy using the latest technologies to streamline cleanroom monitoring while meeting global regulations including EU GMP Annex 1, ISO 14644-2, and part of a 21CFR Part 11 solution. This remote particle counter has all the features you need for reliable particle monitoring in your clean area are built into a simple but powerful package.


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Particle Measuring Systems
Continuous Monitoring Of Cleanrooms
FMS/BioTrak/portable/remote/environmental sensors.
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TSI Incorporated
Drug Manufacturing Facility Management Services

Use new technology and operations expertise to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, mitigate risk, and deliver a workplace that attracts top talent. Put the right procedures and certifications in place to ensure GXP environments are compliant. As innovation and speed-to-market become even more critical in the life sciences industry, the safety and efficiency of your facilities matters more than ever.

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All-In-One Pharmaceutical Serialization System From Wipotec

Products with faulty coding are ejected ahead of the weighing belt into a separate lockable container. Products with a faulty weight use a second ejection system directly behind the weighing belt. The intuitive operation of all components is conveniently and centrally organized in a single interface. This means that all system components are directly, quickly, and easily controlled by a single software interface, without any program changes.

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