Newsletter | August 3, 2021

08.03.21 -- Solutions For Your Bioprocessing Projects

Powder Transfer Process

EZ BioPac is meeting the challenges of biopharmaceutical powder manufacture. The EZ BioPac single-use system is the fastest, most efficient solution. Its larger diameter top opening permits easy filling and fine-tuning of final weight. 

ÄKTA Pilot 600 Chromatography System

ÄKTA™ pilot 600 is a bench-top chromatography system well-suited for both GMP and non-GMP work. The wide flow and pressure range allows both production of technical batches and scale-up studies as well as small-scale production of GMP-grade material.

Antibody Development With BIOVIA Discovery Studio

With BIOVIA Discovery Studio, not only do you have the tools necessary to model antibody structures in an easy to use environment, but it also delivers the essential science to optimize their efficacy and pharmaceutical developability as therapeutic agents.

Pre-Designed Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms: Express 5K, 6 Months Delivery

Faciflex Express is a pre-designed cleanroom solution that delivers a commissioned cleanroom in as little as 6 months. Pre-designed standard cleanroom layouts are the next generation for snap together installation of modular panel systems. Faciliflex Express has 3 models 5k, 15k, and 30k representing cleanrooms of approximately 5,000, 15,000, and 30,000 square foot.

Aseptic Filling And Closing Systems For Biologics

AST machines are specifically designed so that your bioligics are handled with care and monitored closely.

Feeders For Dispensing To Bioreactors

The Coperion K-Tron PH line of pharmaceutical design loss-in-weight feeders is ideal for the contained batch dispensing of powders direct to the reactor tank or vessel.

Pharmaceutical Flexible Containment Systems: Isolators, Enclosures, Glove Bags

Dec has designed a wide range of versatile and low cost flexible containment solutions such as disposable glove bags, complete flexible enclosures and semi-rigid isolators suitable for many operations whether it be formulation plants including dispensing and granulation or around tablet pressing machines for both R&D and production facilities.

Used Sartorius Stedim Single Bag Fermenter

Used 1000 liter Sartorius Stedim Biotech single bag fermenter, type Biostat Cultibag STR Plus controller, type BB-8803061, with (2) front mounted peristaltic pumps, operator HMI, with type STR-1000 DW bag holder, stainless steel construction, jacketed for 1 bar at -10/+50 c, with top mounted servo driven agitator motor drive, holder serial# STR-0364, CE rated controls, 208 volt, controller serial# 00496, system built 2014.

Clean And Disinfecting Viruses And Other Pathogens

Per Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting viruses and other pathogens, any form of disinfection necessarily follows cleaning. The process of cleaning will remove any residues that might shield any virus or pathogen from the disinfection step that comes next. 

Lateral Flow Bio Containment Isolator For HPAPI Processing: LFBC™

The Glovebox Workstation series provides containment for highly toxic applications using APIs that need more safety than an opened face enclosure. FSI engineering controls are built in to prevent loss of containment. Third Party testing has proven containment on these units to below 30 ng/m³ based on process and quantity.

MOTIV™ Inline Buffer Formulation Systems

Our award-winning inline buffer formulation technology generates accurate and reproducible buffers on-demand from concentrates to save you time, space and money.