Newsletter | August 18, 2022

08.18.22 -- Solutions For Your Bioprocessing Projects

Allegro Connect Buffer Management System

Allegro Connect buffer management system provides in-line dilution of buffer at point of use. Designed to simplify and improve process buffer workflow by providing ‘just-in-time’ process buffer directly to the unit operation.

Life Sciences Real Estate And Facilities Strategies

Our integrated solutions and services help you improve financial performance and boost productivity throughout your real estate portfolio, while maintaining the highest levels of safety and compliance.

Quality Management System Buyer's Guide

This guide will help you understand the fundamental components of a Quality Management System (QMS) software and how QMS solutions are evolving to keep pace with business dynamics.

Mesa Labs Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Biological Indicators

APEX Biological Indicator products are designed specifically for the pharmecutical and medical device industries utilizing H2O2 vapor sterilization. The stainless steel carrier is designed for use with today’s isolator and filling line applications.

Pharmaceutical Airborne Particle Counter: Lasair Pro Brochure

Incorporating 45 years of particle counting experience, the Lasair Pro Aerosol Particle Counter is designed with the latest technology to meet global requirements for data integrity.

Container Closure Integrity Testing of Intravenous Bags (IV Bags)

Container Closure Integrity (CCI) is defined as whether the container is maintaining a sterile barrier. Intravenous (IV) bags are crucial in delivering fluids or medication quickly. Leaking parenteral packages are considered an extremely high risk as they deliver fluid directly into the bloodstream and have a high potential for microbial growth, requiring the need for sensitive and reliable CCI testing.

Qosina Bioprocess Components

Qosina is your one-stop source for single-use bioprocess components, with low minimum order quantities, full bill of material kitting, and a liberal sampling policy, all supported by regulatory documentation and supplied with Quosina's assurance of supply.

Pharmaceutical Aseptic Filling Systems For Sterile Injectables

The injectables market is a very demanding market, with high standard requirements. i-Dositecno is offering a very high standard solution for medium and low speed solutions, but with very high requirements. Our speed range covers till 9.000u/h. In this product range we can offer maximum benefits like Isolators for high containment solutions, oRAB’s and cRAB's, IPC control with check weighing of 100% of the production, CFR 21 part 11 compliance and smooth and accurate production.

Pharmaceutical Vial Powder Filling Equipment

Pharmaceutical powders form the basis of numerous antibiotics and other medicines that are essential for comprehensive medical care. While liquid pharmaceuticals are already challenging to fill, powders add a level of complexity due to their consistency. The finely ground active ingredients generate dust easily. Hence, machine operators must be protected from these sometimes toxic or potent ingredients and vice versa. With more than 250 machines sold globally, Syntegon has been supporting customers in pharmaceutical powder filling for more than 60 years. Our experts will be happy to pass on their expertise to you, too!

Real-Time Information On Microbial Contamination In Pharma Cleanrooms

The BIOTRAK Real-Time Viable Pharmaceutical Particle Counter from TSI provides real-time information on microbiological contamination in pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

Blow-Fill-Seal Packaging Systems For Biological Drug Products

Weiler Engineering’s ASEP-TECH Blow/Fill/Seal machines are ideal for processing temperature sensitive products such as biological and protein-based materials – providing a level of enhanced sterility assurance.

Milliflex Quantum Rapid Microbial Detection System

It’s critical to test for microbial contamination throughout the manufacturing process. Learn more about our easy-to-use, non-destructive, fluorescent staining-based system for faster microbial detection.

CHO Platform Service Package: The Fast Track To IND

Our service package brings together cell line development (CLD) to accelerate your program and puts your molecule on the path to success.

New Approaches To Media Development: Optimizing Optimization

As with all scientific processes, the key to successful media optimization lies in understanding data, specifically how each media component influences the cells. Traditionally, these data have been collected using a technique known as ‘spent media’ analysis.

Antibody Therapeutics Purification

We have developed an innovative portfolio of affinity chromatography resins to help you solve challenges in the downstream process of next-generation antibody therapeutics. These resins are specifically designed for the purification of engineered monoclonal antibody (mAbs) modalities.