Newsletter | November 2, 2020

11.02.20 -- Solving Oral Dose Development Challenges

Bioavailability Enhancement Through Spray-Dried Dispersions
Very few new molecular entities in active clinical development are readily bioavailable, and when dosed at escalated levels, even these may not be sufficiently absorbed. Learn how spray-dried amorphous dispersion might help.
Pediatric Drug Delivery: Challenges And Solutions
Arguably the biggest challenge in pediatric oral solid formulation development is to develop flexible dosage forms with measurable and easy-to-administer dosages, preferably formulated with taste-masking properties for better acceptance of the drug formulation in children. This Q&A session with formulation and bioavailability experts addresses formulation challenges for pediatric populations and how they are overcoming them.
Patient-Centric Drug Design: A Clinical And Academic Perspective

Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic differences can make drug development for very young patients quite challenging. One can think of pediatric medicines as one of the last uncharted frontiers in patient-centric drug development. Read about the many improvements in pediatric drug development that have occurred during the last 15 years and what is being done to continue moving forward.