Newsletter | October 28, 2020

10.28.20 -- Speed To Market Through Flexible Design And Media Selection

How CDMO Flexibility In Upstream Production Improves Speed To Market

For CDMOs, it is not economical — or even possible — to change your facility setup each time you begin production for a new or existing client. To provide the best service, a CDMO's facility should be equipped with flexible manufacturing platforms that can be adjusted for multiple customers while also mitigating risk.

Accelerate Optimal Cell Culture Media Design: A Diverse Media Panel Approach

Selecting the optimal media for a specific cell line’s growth can be a challenging task, partly due to the quantity of catalog and custom options available. By having clear goals mapped out and identifying key parameters affecting critical quality attributes (CQA) earlier on, one can accelerate the path to market. This on-demand webinar reviews best practices using a media panel approach to reduce timelines and increase productivity.  

Improving End Results In Phase II Through Media Optimization

Challenges in drug development today call for manufacturers to identify not only what new capabilities and resources they need to get ahead but also how to optimize current processes to fuel growth. One approach is to work with an established supplier for cell culture media development and optimization, which is a key driver of bioproduction processes.

Best Practices For Evaluating A Perfusion Medium

By using a perfusion process, cell density and product titer can reach higher levels than possible with conventional fed batch. Selecting the right medium takes thoroughly knowing your process goal, test model, and cell line. It also means understanding not just what you are testing, but what you are not testing.