Sterile Filling Systems For Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing

Sterile Filling Systems For Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing

In i-Dositecno we design, build and sell filling systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. From our beginnings 15 years ago, i-Dositecno has developed a complete range of machinery, giving to the pharmaceutical market, our way of work, with fully servomotorized machine, in order to facilitate the format changes and optimize the production. We are now present in many of the pharmaceutical industries, with a lot of references.

Further major company principles are:

  1. The know-how and competence of our qualified and highly motivated personnel are the basis for the success and future development of our company.
  2. Teamwork in a co-operative atmosphere, job satisfaction, responsibility and willingness to make decisions are pillars of our company strategy.
  3. Continuity by in-house training and encouragement of the up-and-coming generation.
  4. Our global network of associated companies has the advantage that we are at our customers’ doorstep.

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