Newsletter | August 3, 2022

08.03.22 -- Strategic Outsourcing Demand: Selecting A CDMO

Does Selecting A CDMO Based On Price Really Save You Money?

Whether you’re developing a drug substance or finished dosage form, you need to complete the project before you use all your funds, so choosing a CMO or CDMO is a big decision. Before you sign on the dotted line, do a little digging to unearth potential costs that could turn your development program into a cash-burning exercise.

Capitalize On Merger/Acquisition: 4 Tips To Consolidate Your CMO Network

New drugs acquired via mergers, acquisitions, or licensing agreements often come with an entourage of contract manufacturers. Complex CMO networks require many resources to manage and prevent purchasing and operating at scale. Yet, the process of consolidating is daunting. Where do you begin?

Three Reasons Integrated CDMO Models Are Best

As strategic outsourcing demand grows more powerful, so have CDMO offerings. Some of pharma’s legacy brands developed their own innovative response to the market’s potential, creating a distinct class of contract development and manufacturing services suppliers immersed in Big Pharma.

An Altogether Different Approach To Specialty API Supply

We’re Pfizer CentreOne, an altogether different kind of CDMO. As a part of Pfizer and backed by its expert capabilities, we strive to advance customers’ drug development, market launch and commercial supply; helping to deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.

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