Newsletter | November 30, 2020

11.30.20 -- Strategies For Achieving Unique Synergies In Antibody Expression

Standardizing Process Characterization And Late-Phase Development

Process characterization is an important step in the overall journey of product development. This case study proposes an approach for process characterization for the production of a monoclonal antibody (mAb), specifically at the drug substance biomanufacturing step.

Optimizing Titer And Use Of A Specific Enzyme For Generating A Fully Processed Antibody
The number of more complex biopharmaceuticals in development continues to increase, and some of these include molecules that require multiple proteins to be expressed at differing ratios to produce the correct biopharmaceutical. In this article, the authors outline cell line development and process scale-up for an antibody program in which the antibody requires additional processing by a site-specific enzyme for correct functionality.
Achieving Unique Synergies In Antibody Expression
Shortening timelines to generate more productive, stable, and high-expressing cell lines is the goal of any cell line development program. This technical poster details the methodologies and clonal variations of combining a cell line development technology with a platform for clonal cell line selection.