Newsletter | February 14, 2020

02.14.20 -- Strategies For Expediting A Promising New Therapy

Solutions For Challenging Compounds Using Softgel Innovation
For the last 80 years, softgel technology has brought poorly water soluble and/or permeable BCS II and IV compounds to market by improving their bioavailability. However, it is challenging to find optimal development solutions to enhance bioavailability for drug compounds contained within complex fill formulations. Research studies have established that the plant polysaccharides-based OptiShell technology can accommodate a wider range of excipients and more molecules.
A Roadmap For Early Development To Commercial Manufacturing

A key hurdle for any drug development program is bringing the drug to clinical studies. In this webinar industry experts present key topics to consider when planning for scale-up of a development program. Watch the webinar to learn how to avoid common pitfalls in the transfer and scale-up process using an integrated approach.

Expediting A Promising New Therapy
A biotechnology company had developed a new chemical entity for the treatment of a severe pediatric genetic disease. However, numerous drug delivery challenges threatened the realization of the Fast Track status designation they had received due to promising early-stage results. By leveraging a softgel technology the company was able to overcome a number of potential hurdles and expeditiously enter the Phase II/III clinical trial.
Better Treatments By Design: Optimal Dose Development And Manufacturing

To be successful, new treatments require superior real-world outcomes providing market differentiation and delivering the best outcomes to you, your stakeholders, and, most importantly, the patients who depend on your therapy.