News | March 7, 2018

Teva Installs Proofreading Software To Inspect Text, Graphics And Barcodes

Source: GlobalVision
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Teva Spain Turns to GlobalVision as Its “Main Quality Control Tool”
Teva Spain’s Cristina Argumánez job as Regulatory Compliance Manager requires “a unique blend of scientific and regulatory knowledge.” That’s not to mention the huge amount of accompanying proofreading, which is where automated GlobalVision quality control software enters into the equation.

Efficiency Through Automation
Based out of Madrid, Argumánez and her fellow regulatory affairs officers verify medicinal product information for accuracy. Types of collateral that make their way onto her desk include summary product characteristics, patient leaflet information, and labelling and packaging materials.

Teva Spain selected GlobalVision in a bid to improve upon the lack of efficiency it had experienced manually proofreading. While drastically improving efficiency by eliminating elements like proofing fatigue from its quality control process would have been possible regardless of the automated solution they chose, GlobalVision has come through in a big way. It’s hard to imagine using anything else at this juncture.

“The previous [manual] process was slow and hard,” says Argumánez. “This is our main quality control tool and going back to manual inspection is not really an option.”

The Need for Speed… and Accuracy
At the forefront of the decision to go with GlobalVision was the ability to choose an internet-based
deployment option: GlobalVision Web.

“The possibility to run a web-based deployment was a good thing for us to make it easy and fast for all the users to access and do their inspections,” Argumánez says. “All users feel really comfortable with this solution. GlobalVision helped us to integrate it, with technical support being really fast and effective, which is another positive for us.”

The improved speed has been a common theme for Argumánez and her team when using GlobalVision. Combined with its versatility, GlobalVision meets all the needs of the pharamaceutical company, the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world.

“GlobalVision was the proofreading developer that gave us the best degree of control, enabling us to inspect text, graphics, barcodes, and Braille,” she says. “All the apps are really accurate, but I would like to point out how fast you can load files and move from one to the next. That’s crucial for us.”

The Highest Quality Standards
The reduced time spent moving from one application to the next (and overall) is at the top of her list of the biggest benefits GlobalVision brings to the table. Another is how easy it is to comment on and share results. Altogether, according to Argumánez, “the system allows us to guarantee all our medicinal product information fulfills the highest quality standards.”

Due to the improved accuracy and overall results stemming from the switch to GlobalVision, Argumánez would not hesitate to recommend the quality control platform to others. With firsthand knowledge of how critical tools as effective as GlobalVision are to success in her field, she is more than happy just to keep using it herself.

“GlobalVision technology is making our work faster and much more accurate, giving us a feeling of security that every artwork file is properly inspected,” she says. “If you want to be sure your quality control is mistake-free, GlobalVision is the best option available.”

SOURCE: GlobalVision