Newsletter | September 21, 2022

09.21.22 -- The Advantages Of Robotics In Aseptic Fill Finish

Overcome The Challenges Of Small Batch Production While Maximizing Yield

With a focus on niche drugs for targeted patient populations, small batch production will serve a critical role in the future of modern medicine. We look into the manufacturing requirements for small batch production and share tips on how to maximize process efficiency to reduce waste and improve yield for small batches of drug product.

The Advantages Of Robotics In Aseptic Fill/Finish

As recipe parameters and final containers vary considerably from batch to batch, manufacturers are forced to find a way to accommodate faster product changeover while still protecting sterility. We highlight how robotic aseptic fill/finish equipment offers the flexibility to adjust to future growth and the speed to market necessary for today’s changing industry.

Catalent Cell And Gene Therapy Utilizes Robotic Aseptic Filling Systems To Meet Industry Needs

Catalent Cell and Gene Therapy was searching for a cGMP aseptic filling and closing machine that can reliably process a wide range of both trayed and nested vials for their current client product needs. AST's GENiSYS® R systems met all of their needs and gives them the flexibility to fulfill a wide range of projects and provide the sterility assurance their customers’ products require.

An Introduction To Robotics, Isolators, And Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS)

The aim of advanced aseptic processing is the elimination and absolute control of all sources of contamination — most importantly, human generated contamination. Robotics and isolator barrier systems are core technologies in this endeavor. Here, we explain the differences between RABS and isolators and how robots are the ideal platform to provide the highly accurate and repeatable operation demanded by aseptic processing.

Considerations For Prefilled Syringes For 503(b) Compounding Facilities

503(b) compounding centers require a highly efficient and flexible production setup to drive timelines for drug launches to the absolute minimum. Industry experts weigh in on how to help 503(b) compounding facilities bring acute care drugs to market more quickly, provide a safer drug administration process, and minimize healthcare and hospital costs.

Bridging The Divide - Streamline The Process Development & Tech Transfer Process

Preparing drug products for tech transfer can be a daunting task. Traditional process development practices tend to be labor intensive and, difficult to scale to a manufacturing environment, and gathering the critical process data to make informed decisions can be a challenge. Read how the advantages of AST's GENiSYS® system can streamline the tech transfer process by enabling efficient drug development activities and process data collection.

In The News
AST Announces Availability Of Quick-Delivery Isolated Fill/Finish Equipment

AST, a leading provider of flexible aseptic filling systems, announces they are now offering delivery of their most popular isolated equipment within six months of purchase. This is a dramatic improvement over typical industry delivery times, which are often up to 24 months. AST knows that time to market is critical in delivering drug products to sick patients, and quick delivery demonstrates their commitment to reducing the time it takes to provide critical treatments.

ASEPTiCell Robotic Filling And Finishing

ASEPTiCell provides flexible robotic filling and finishing of vials, syringes, and cartridges for small to medium clinical and commercial batches. The modular design allows the ASEPTiCell to be built to your specification without the cost and risk of customization.

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GENiSYS R Robotic Multi-Format Filling And Closing System

GENiSYS R has a unique blend of automated capabilities to ensure your sterile products, whether clinical or commercial, are processed in strict accordance with cGMP requirements. The system has the flexibility to adapt to your process requirements and container options alike. Its ability to process all ready-to-fill vial, syringe, and cartridge formats allows you to bring drug products to market cost-effectively.

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A Guide To Small Batch Aseptic Filling Systems

As the needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets evolve rapidly, opportunities arise to improve traditional processes that are stressed and inadequate in many ways. Improvements are necessary to produce the next wave of patient-focused medicines. Discover small batch aseptic solutions for cell therapy, gene therapy, vaccines, R&D, biosimilars, and CDMOs.

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