Newsletter | September 21, 2022

09.21.22 -- The Changing Landscape Of Oncology Drug Development

Bringing Novel Lifesaving Therapies To Patients

This white paper provides strategic guidance for successfully navigating complexities, focusing specifically on unique formulation and handling requirements, novel trial designs and supply chain implications, and regulatory and clinical strategies to support product approvals.

Controlling Occupational Exposure In Oncology Drug Development

Fully understanding the risks through ongoing data collection and analysis is essential. Discover how classifying exposure limits for a given substance enables manufacturers to identify and implement the best control strategy to protect operators and drug products to reliably and consistently ensure worker and patient safety.

Patient-Centric Oral Solid Dose Formulation

Through the strategic selection of excipients, coatings, and delivery technologies, developers can alter and adjust such features as palatability and swallowability while optimizing dosing, bioavailability, release mechanisms, and other performance attributes. Gain insight into the systematic application of patient centricity to the design of OSD products.

Oral Solid Dose For Oncology: Accelerate The Delivery Of Your Lifesaving Therapy

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides a range of small molecule solutions that you can leverage to address your oncology program’s unique needs and challenges, while being backed by a global network of technical, quality, and customer engagement teams and industry experts.

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