Newsletter | September 29, 2022

09.29.22 -- The Fundamentals Of Developing mRNA-Based Therapeutics: Key Stages, Process Development, And Scale-Up

Key Stages In mRNA-Based Therapeutic Development From Discovery To Commercialization

Each phase of mRNA-based therapeutic development consists of specific goals, steps, and endpoints. Learn the fundamentals of manufacturing mRNA-lipid nanoparticle (LNP) drug products from discovery through to commercialization.

Process Development Considerations For RNA-LNP Therapeutics

Establishing robust manufacturing processes will be a critical factor in expanding RNA-LNP therapeutics beyond prophylactic vaccines and toward breakthrough treatments for cancer and rare diseases. Understand key process considerations that are unique to this new class of drugs.

Optimizing Lipid Formulations For Targeted RNA-LNP Applications

Alterations in the chemical structure and ratio of the LNP components affect RNA-LNP delivery, potency and biodistribution. Learn about the considerations and challenges of using ionizable lipids, including the five types of lipids used for RNA delivery.

Accelerating The Development And Scale-Up Of mRNA Vaccines

Scale-up and downstream processing operations can greatly impact the functionality and stability of RNA-LNPs. Learn how downstream considerations can make the difference between success and failure on the path toward the commercialization of mRNA vaccines.

Unlocking The Full Potential Of Genomic Medicine

Advances in genome sequencing and bioinformatics have led to a wealth of information to treat disease and make disease targets druggable. Gain insight into the technologies and solutions to the delivery and economic challenges in developing genomic medicines and realizing their full potential.