The Seven Characteristics Of A World Class Supply Chain

Date: July 22, 2014
Duration: 60 Minutes - Online
Price: $199 - Introductory Rate

Course Description:

The performance of the pharmaceutical supply chain has been poor, as evidenced by drug shortages, product launch delays, high costs, and poor customer service. The challenges are many and complicated. The supply chain has evolved considerably over the past 30 years and many improvements have been made. However, there is much work to be done. The difference between the results of high performing supply chain organizations and those that are not optimized are vast. Looking at the characteristics that set the high performers apart will be useful as a way to drive for better results as an industry.  This course will give you the necessary tools to design and execute a efficient and cost-effective supply chain, thus laying the foundation for a successful business model.

Learning objectives for this session:

  • The Seven Steps – What they are, and why they work each and every time
  • Understand the challenges facing global supply chain organizations today
  • Understand how changes in the industry model have created the need for change
  • Use the characteristics of high-performing companies as a benchmark to drive improvement

This course will be of benefit to anyone interested in improving their supply chain performance on a global or domestic scale.  Additionally, those who need to be able to communicate internally with supply chain personnel or vendors responsible for product distribution will find this course extremely beneficial.  Finally, those in positions ranging from supply chain operations to senior management will find this course particularly useful.

Peter Bigelow has held executive leadership roles and provided management consultation within the biopharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer goods industries for over 28 years. His expertise includes global pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain operations, outsourcing strategies, quality systems, compliance excellence, building high performance teams, organizational restructuring, and driving operational efficiencies with lean processes.

Peter has been involved in major operational restructuring, has driven significant network wide improvements in Quality, Cost and Customer Service and has turned around underperforming factories.  He has broad capabilities in driving change and managing Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations.  Peter is founder and President of xCell Strategic Consulting, a former CEO of Patheon Pharmaceuticals, and has held executive positions with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (now Pfizer) and SmithKline Beecham (now GSK).

Craig Seyfried has held executive level positions within the biopharmaceutical industry where he has focused his 30 years of experience in integrated global operations and technical management solutions. His particular expertise is with strategic planning, implementation of EHS programs, regulatory compliance and engineering support in a Fortune 200 setting.

Offering a strategic perspective and aligning with business needs, Craig has developed and implemented unique manufacturing and supply chain solutions which have optimized overall performance and significantly reduced capital and operational costs.  Craig is a principal with xCell Strategic Consulting and has held executive level positions with Pfizer and Wyeth.