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The Top 5 Benefits Of Electronic GLP Audit Management

Source: MasterControl
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Since science and management industries are industries running at breakneck speeds, it’s no surprise that life science companies such as non-clinical research laboratories are maintaining business at uncomfortable warp speeds. After all, life science companies are not only trying to keep up with demands for the application of good science principles, but are also seeking to maintain the almost flawless management requirements that both science and compliance (e.g. ISO, FDA, etc.) exact.

Non-clinical research laboratories, like other life science industries, are required to adhere to strict scientific principles and comply with the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) requirements. This growth, in conjunction with a greater demand for reliable studies, has made GLP compliance and good science harder to achieve. This leads many laboratories and additional life science companies to a complex dilemma: How can non-clinical research be performed as effectively and as accurately as ever but be performed at speeds many times greater than the currently implemented momentums? This question, like so many others, can be answered with the right technology.

Software solutions that streamline compliance, document control, quality management and even training are continually being refined to the needs and requirements of virtually every vertical industry.

Non-clinical research laboratories are no exception to this rule. Many software companies have created or are working to create electronic GLP management systems that would be valuable in managing processes associated not only with GLP compliance but with the standardization of good science principles as well. However, many laboratory management personnel may be hesitant to invest.