Newsletter | August 5, 2019

08.05.19 -- Thinking Outside Of The Freezer: Considerations In Logistics

Validating The Stability And Durability Of Labels After Thawing From Cryogenic Temperatures

One important element of working in cryogenic temperatures involves ensuring labels remain intact and securely adhered to packaging after application as product moves from ambient temperatures to cryogenic temperatures to thawing at the point of use. This study serves as a model for the need to validate label stability and adherence.

Cell Therapy Logistics

Having a sound logistics strategy to ensure that a living drug is delivered to the right patient at the right time, location, and temperature is essential to patient safety and product effectiveness. This article outlines the key considerations for developing a successful logistics strategy for the management of cell-based material.

10 Things You Should Know About Dry Shippers Before Shipping High-Value Biologics

This infographic offers insight into the 10 most important things to consider when shipping high-value biologics in dry shippers. Learn more about data loggers, temperature holds, orientation, shipping racks, and much more.

Thinking Outside Of The Freezer: DNA And RNA Storage

While ultra-low temperatures are the current state-of-the-art solution for biospecimen storage, ambient storage is an interesting option and could be superior in certain limited situations. For many types of samples, it’s possible that we will always have to use ultra-low temperatures for long-term storage. For other sample types, such as DNA and RNA, there are alternative solutions.