Newsletter | April 28, 2021

04.28.21 -- Tips For Maintaining Data Integrity In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Breaking Down Pharma’s Silos For The Sake Of Data Integrity
The importance of data in pharmaceutical manufacturing cannot be overstated. As the pharmaceutical industry strives to make a digital transformation through connected data, companies must figure out how to effectively use and share their insights with other stakeholders across their networks.
More Than Just Technology: A Holistic Approach To Pharma 4.0

The paradigm shift in today’s pharmaceutical industry that has changed the focus from large-scale production blockbuster drugs to niche drugs for smaller patient populations is increasing the need for manufacturers to improve their operational efficiency and flexibility. This transformation to Pharma 4.0 comes through small steps that are all business oriented and driven but merge together over time through a technical platform that uses data to connect people and resources.

Incorporate Real-Time Data Sharing Into Process Development

In the early stages of drug development, process scientists leverage a wide range of equipment and analytical tools to collect vital data that help them understand how a drug substance and drug product behaves in certain conditions. It is important to consider solutions that could help your process development experts share their observations and collaborate on how to prevent issues later during the critical ― and more expensive ― stages of manufacture.