Track & Trace Line Management Software For Pharmaceutical Packaging


The Pilot Line Manager Software is an innovative software management system which controls all printing devices on pharmaceutical packaging stations via an Ethernet network. The software system collates all relevant data to create an electronic audit trail complaint to 21 CFR Part 11. A central user-interface handles and monitors all sensors, code readers, cameras and printers.


  • Management of all PCE sensors, code readers and camera systems
  • Integration of multiple standard industry printing devices like inkjet- and laser printers
  • Innovative and easy to use touch-screen interface
  • Visualization of the status of all control and printing devices
  • Extensive product and format database
  • Central user and access management
  • Secure logging mechanism for all user actions and events (Audit trail)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Pilot Database
The Pilot Database (PDB) is the information platform for the Pilot Site Manager (PSM) and for the Pilot Line Manger (PLM). Specifically designed for high speed production, the system handles data flow between users, production lines, orders and upper level systems. This provides production and order systems management for audit trail and system configuration. The Pilot Database (PDB) requires a customer based general database infrastructure. Preferred database systems are Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 11g.

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