Case Study

Transfer Of Lab Automation And Handling Concepts From Chemical To Pharmaceutical Applications

Source: Bosch Packaging Technology

Laboratory automation has significantly changed chemical and pharmaceutical research since the 1980s. Complex automation and handling solutions provided by Bosch have proven successful in chemical laboratories for a long time. Bosch Packaging Technology is now transferring its concept of lab automation and handling to the pharmaceutical market. Based on its packaging and pharmaceutical know-how, Bosch offers the pharmaceutical industry highly flexible, tailor-made solutions along the value chain.

Mixing, stirring, dosing, applying – regardless of the outcome, a machine maps certain processes. These may lead to the production of varnishes, pesticides, glues, or pharmaceutical formulations. The pharmaceutical industry can learn and benefit from these kinds of procedures and systems, which have already been successful in chemistry for some time. As pharmaceutical laboratories continuously automate their processes, the need for individual solutions and complex special-purpose machinery is also on the rise. Bosch Packaging Technology develops and markets high-throughput technologies and lab automation for a fast and efficient development of new materials and formulas. The aim is to transfer customized development processes into industry-standard, highly flexible and modular automation solutions for the pharmaceutical market – from fundamental research to product and quality control.