Newsletter | February 19, 2020

02.19.20 -- Ultra-High-Shear Mixing Strategies For Manufacturers

Selection Criteria When Evaluating Ribbon, Vertical, Or Tumble Blenders

Among solid-solid blending systems, the three most common types are the horizontal ribbon blender, the cone screw vertical blender, and the tumble blender. Aside from level of shear or gentleness, other factors help determine what type of blender will work most efficiently in a certain application. Here are some things to consider when choosing your blender.

Improvements To The Mixing Step Can Lead To Big Rewards

A semicontinuous process is beneficial to maintaining a clean and streamlined batch mixing operation without compromising the level of control over discrete units of production. The semicontinuous mixing procedure is achieved by utilizing a change-can design mixer. With multiple vessels, one mix could be at the loading stage, another under the mixer, another at the discharge step, and yet another at the cleanup stage.

Sanitary Mixing In Multiagitator Systems

Mixing is an integral part of food, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical production. Within these industries, one of the most common specialty mixing systems in operation are multishaft mixers. This article discusses several equipment features commonly supplied on multishaft mixers intended for sanitary applications.

The Advantages Of Mixing Under Vacuum

Many of the advantages of mixing, blending, and drying under vacuum have been recognized for years. But until recently, vacuum has also been widely misunderstood. Many processors have considered vacuum essential — and cost-effective — only for the most demanding applications.

Efficiencies In Powder Dispersion For Manufacturers

The inability to uniformly disperse powders into a liquid batch within a practical amount of time is an all-too-common mixing problem that impacts productivity, labor costs, and power consumption. This article offers five tips for dispersing powders more efficiently.

Ultra-High-Shear Mixing Strategies For Manufacturers

Ultra-high-shear mixers can effectively replace costly high-pressure homogenization and colloid milling operations while delivering comparable levels of dispersion and particle size reduction. This article presents four advanced rotor/stator technologies for ultra-high-shear mixing of fine dispersions, emulsions, and other applications.

Industrial Dry Blending And Drying Equipment

Ross is a leading supplier of ribbon, tumble, and vertical blenders for dry powder blending and drying for the process industries. Many products, including pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, pigments, and cosmetics, are manufactured in Ross dry blending equipment.