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Under Pressure: Breaking The Misconceptions Of Maximum Compression Force

Source: Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.
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It is common for tablet manufacturers to exceed the maximum compression force ratings of their tooling to form a quality tablet. This situation usually arises when an issue with the formulation or powder causes the press operator to exceed the recommended force range of the tooling in an attempt to produce an acceptable product. However, going beyond the prescribed tooling rating may result in premature tool wear or failure and possible damage to the press.

Tablet compression tooling manufacturers establish maximum compression force ratings to prolong tool life and avoid premature tool failure. These manufacturers assign a rating to each set of punches that identifies the maximum compression force recommended for that particular set of tooling. Press operators may exceed the recommended force for a short period of time, but if the punches are run continuously at a higher force, the service life of the tooling will decrease and could result in tool failure. By providing accurate maximum force ratings, tooling vendors help tablet manufacturers protect their punches and tablet press from damage. This article describes the variables that are analyzed by reputable tooling vendors when providing the maximum force rating for their tablet compression tooling. A better understanding of how this rating is calculated will help tablet manufacturers design a tablet that can be efficiently and successfully manufactured.

Natoli Engineering Company, Inc.