Unused IMA Life Freeze Dryer: Lyomax 40

Model Lyomax 40

Unused 430 sq ft IMA Life freeze dryer lyophilizer, model Lyomax 40, 40 sq meter/430 sq ft surface area, 316L stainless steel product contact surface area, (16) total (15) usable shelves, approximately 1552 mm(61.10") wide x 1830mm(72.04") deep x 18mm(.708") thick shelves, 110mm(4.33") shelf spacing, -55 c to +80 c shelf temperature range, 42 sq meter(451.92 sq ft) condenser, 782kg(1723#) ice capacity at 12.7mm(.4999") thick, condensor rated to -75 c, stoppering with hydraulic power pack, refrigeration system consisting of (4) 50 hp Mycom refrigeration compressors, vacuum system consisting of (2) Edwards GXS250 oil free dry vacuum pumps with Edwards EH1200 booster pumps, unit designed for SIP and CIP, eLyomax control system with PLC and HMI, with vial automatic loading and unloading systems. System built 2019, still in original shipping orientation from IMA Life factory, FAT performed at OEM with all IQ/OQ documentation.

SKU: 3470-3

Manufacturer: IMA
Location: Cleveland, OH

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