Used 15 Cubic Foot AIM Ribbon Blender

Used 15 Cubic Foot AIM Ribbon Blender

Unused 15 cu ft AIM Blending ribbon blender, model RB-15, 304 sanitary stainless steel construction with USDA grade #4 internal finish, 18 cu ft total capacity, 15 cu ft working capacity, approximately 25" wide x 48" long x 28" deep trough, double ribbon agitator, full hinged top cover, outboard roller bearings, sanitary split packing gland shaft seals, 6" center bottom outlet with manually operated slide gate discharge valve, 5 hp, 240/480 volt motor drive producing approximately 60 rpm shaft speed, on 304 stainless steel stand with approximately 17" discharge height, blender has been pre-wired for 240 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz, including start/stop and E stop, serial# 015-406-SS-FG-RB-6S-2107-5VE, built 2021 New and Unused.

SKU: 3460-11

Manufacturer: AIM
Location: Cleveland, OH

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