Used Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator: Glatt GPCG PRO 120

Source: Federal Equipment Company

Used Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator: Glatt GPCG PRO 120

Used Glatt GPCG PRO 120 fluid bed dryer granulator 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces and 12 bar shock rated. Unit includes a 32" HS Wurster combo insert with expansion chamber. The Wurster chamber designed to handle top spray and dryer capabilities, with additional bottom plates. Unit has a 417 liter working capacity as Wurster. Unit includes three (3) spray guns with feed pump skid with three (3) Cole Palmer peristaltic pumps, 1/3 hp each; Marlow air handling unit, steam heated; WIP system with WIP feed pump skid with manifold, 460 volt; Donaldson Torit dust collector on stand; control panel with Allen Bradley PLC controls; operator HMI panel; Servolift bowl inverter, 1,300 KG max load, 460 volt, serial# 04Y21926/11166.

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SKU: 49291
Product Specifications

Fluid Bed Type: Batch
Manufacturer: Glatt
Model: GPCG PRO 120
Serial Number: 8345
Year of Construction: 2005

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