Used Glatt GPCG Pro 30 Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator

Used Glatt GPCG Pro 30 Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator

Used Glatt GPCG PRO 30 Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator with 12 bar shock resistance, top spray granulation bowl (145L), Wurster 18’’conical (101L) bottom spray insert, steam heated, blower (Flow rate 2000m3/h, motor capacity 22kW), air handling with HEPA, mass flow meter, operator interface controller with DAQ acquisition system.

SKU: 3515-1
Location: North Carolina

Additional details include:

  • Basic machine 12bar pressure shock resistant with conical design product bowl (145L gross capacity) and double chamber filter housing (Flow rate 2000m3/h, motor capacity 22kW)
  • Top spray expansion chamber with all parts for top spraying used for granulation purposes
  • 18’’ bottom spray (HS-Wurster) insert (101L working capacity) with film coating change parts for granule and pellet coating
  • Spray rate control with mass flow meter (ex-proof design)
  • Product containers with product temperature measuring probe
  • Manual tilting of product containers in the trolley for discharging support
  • Gravimetric discharging
  • Ex-proof halogen lamp
  • Spray liquid pressure measurement (ex-execution)
  • Dehumidification –one level, improved
  • Complete HEPA filter system
  • Differential pressure monitoring for HEPA-filter
  • Air volume flow measurement
  • Exhaust air filter, one level (F9)
  • Differential pressure monitoring for static exhaust filters
  • Fan sound insulation with cylindrical relaxation silencer
  • WIP preparation (nozzle ports) with WIP drain valve for plenum
  • Operating panel in explosion proof execution (Zone 2)
  • Modem for remote maintenance access
  • Data Acquisition system (DAQ)