Used JEOL Field Emissions Scanning Electron Microscope

JEOL Model JSM-7401F

The JSM-7401F is JEOL's highest resolution SEM and is a field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) incorporating a cold cathode field emission gun, ultra high vacuum, and sophisticated digital technologies for high resolution, high quality imaging of micro structures.

SKU: 71247

Manufacturer: N/A
Location: Cleveland, OH

Using a patented Gentle Beam™ method, the JSM-7401F produces ultra high resolution at low kV (0.1 kV) and enables observation of true surface structures while helping to reduce charging of non-conductive samples. An r-filter allows variable energy filtering of secondary electrons and backscattered electrons to observe varying contrast from surface morphology images to compositional images. The JSM-7401F also has an available "in-lens" solid state backscatter detector which provides the ultimate in resolution and low kV performance. The JSM-7401F can handle samples up to 8 inches in diameter.