Used Myers Triple Shaft Vacuum Mixer

Used Myers Triple Shaft Vacuum Mixer

Used Myer triple shaft vacuum mixer, model RV550/500AH-10-7.5-15, 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces, with high speed disperser driven by 15 hp motor, anchor agitator with bottom and sidewall scrappers driven by 7.5 hp motor, auxiliary shaft driven by 10 motor(less mixing element), mounted on approximately 150 gallon 316L stainless steel tank, 34" diameter x 39" straight side, dish top, cone bottom, vacuum rated internal, jacketed for 60 psi at 307 f, dual post mounted with air over oil hydraulic lift with air tank, vessel certified by TW Fondren, serial# K091-2, national board# 2, Myers serial# 1241, built 1994.

SKU: 3521-2
Location: Cleveland, OH

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