Newsletter | February 13, 2020

02.13.20 -- Valentine's Day Heartbreak: Break Up With Your Underperforming CMO

  Webinar: 2019 Year In Review

ISR is a market research firm operating exclusively in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical research space. In 2019 they conducted approximately two dozen individual pieces of market research for syndication. This webinar will summarize many of the important learnings from these projects, providing attendees with real, usable data for 2020 activities.

Featured Editorial
Valentine’s Day Heartbreak: Let Go Of Your (Underperforming) CMO Partner
By Herman F. Bozenhardt and Erich H. Bozenhardt

What should you do if your CMO has a deteriorating plant that directly impacts your production, or personnel turnover that creates an environment of never-ending deviations and senseless retraining?

An Introduction To Agile Project Management For Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
By Hector M. Samper and Wolfram Mueller

Modern sponsor-CDMO partnerships must be agile and flexible, bringing together professionals from multiple disciplines to find solutions that increase efficiency.

Industry Insights
The Benefits Of Aqueous Critical Cleaning In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Article | By Malcolm McLaughlin and Jeff Phillips, Alconox, Inc.

The use of aqueous cleaning in pharmaceutical manufacturing can provide numerous benefits in terms of efficacy, minimal surface contact, reduced residue potential, and easier cleaning validation.

Can Your In-House Strategy Handle Uncertainties Of Biologics Development?
Article | By John Ward, Thermo Fisher Scientific

A company has to be able to withstand the highs and lows of biologics development. To avoid costly mistakes and wasted efforts, a company must prepare for surprises along the drug development pathway.

What Water Treatment Advancements Mean For Pharma
Article | By Mike Henley, Ultrapure Water Journal and Industrial Water Treatment

Pharmaceutical water is key to the production of pharmaceutical drug products, and there have been a number of technological advancements in high-purity pharmaceutical-grade water.

Key Equipment Sourcing Strategies For CMOs
White Paper | By David Winger, Federal Equipment Company

There are many reasons that a product owner elects to outsource product manufacturing to a toll or contract manufacturer.

Utilizing Single-Use Powder Handling To Reduce Contamination
White Paper | By Brendan Lucey, ILC Dover

Read how upgrading to modern single-use powder handling gets a product to market without time wasted on complicated weigh and dispense steps, cleaning validations, or powder in the air and in the suite.

Understanding Sensitivity Principles For Industrial Metal Detectors
White Paper | Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

This guide explains the concept of metal detector sensitivity, key factors that impact it, and why a small difference in spherical sensitivity performance can mean a big difference in contaminants detected.

Toxic Treatments: Controlling Exposure Risks In ADC Manufacturing
White Paper | Flow Sciences Inc.

The potency and effectiveness of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are dependent upon engineered nanoparticles (ENPs), but little is known about the environmental and human health hazards posed by ENPs.

Flow And Gradient Accuracy Are Key To Scale-Up And Speed-To-Market
Application Note | GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Accurate flow is important in chromatography. In this application note flow accuracy was investigated at a combination of different backpressures, flow rates, temperatures, and liquid viscosities.

Batch Quality Prediction In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Case Study | Seeq Corporation

Delayed lab results made it difficult for a pharmaceutical manufacturer to optimize process inputs to control the batch yield. A solution allowed the scientists to build a model of process quality. 

InnovaGel Gains Quick Return On Investment
Case Study | Endress+Hauser, Inc.

InnovaGel, a manufacturer of vitamins and supplements in the nutraceutical and OTC market, was in need of a solution for its soft gelatin encapsulation machine application.

Top Five Satisfaction Drivers For Outsourced Bioprocessing
Infographic | ISR Reports

In Q2 2018, ISR surveyed 100 sponsors who outsource bioprocessing to learn what drives CMO satisfaction. Quality compliance (27 percent) received the most mentions and narrowly edged out technical capabilities and technical service (23 percent) for the leading satisfaction driver.

Strategies For Optimizing Upstream Processes In Cell Culture
Poster | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The cell culture process is crucial for maximizing the production of biologics and vaccines, optimizing product quality attributes, minimizing impurities, and simplifying operations.

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