Vial Washer for Compounding Pharmacies, RW-250


Washing vials by hand is quickly becoming a thing of the past. With cGMP issues increasing in Pharma, PennTech has designed and manufactured the perfect aseptic solution to help keep Compounding Pharmacies USP and cGMP Compliant.

For over 20 years PennTech has optimized and perfected the art of vial washing. For many companies worldwide we offer the vial washer of choice. The objective of vial washing is to remove particulate matter and microorganisms. Traditional vial washers have many moving parts (grippers with springs, penetrating spray needles, chains, moving rods, gears, belts, chains, grease points, etc.) in the washing chamber. Not only do these all generate particulates, but often they also cause glass chipping and vial breakage. PennTech vial washers are designed with minimal moving parts.

In response to demand, we have designed and manufactured the perfect solution for Compounding Pharmacies: the RW-250. It is the finest, most compact, semi-automatic, vial washer manufactured in the United States.

Throughput is typically 20-70 vials per minute. The typical batch size: 1,000-8,000 vials. Vial range 2-100 ml glass or plastic (change parts required). The RW-250 includes 6 stations for water (RO/DI, WFI) and sterile air blowing. Optionally, for those using bagged WFI, a WFI skid with an 80 liter tank is available with a heating element, bringing the WFI up to 80° C. The skid includes a sanitary centrifugal pump, providing the vial washer with 73 psi (5 bar) water pressure. After cleaning, the vials are discharged onto a tray for further processing.

Uniquely engineered with versatility and efficiency in mind.

  • Intrinsically designed for 3-log endotoxin reduction
  • Compact footprint: 45” x 50”
  • Vial range 2 – 100 ml
  • cGMP design
  • Color touch screen operator interface


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