3-Way Ball Valve Assembly VZBA-4F-L and VZBA-4F-T

Source: Festo Corporation
Festo Corporation

This 3-Way ball valve assembly is a stainless steel valve preassembled with a pneumatic actuator.

Economical and a time saver, Festo has matched the torques, mounting patterns and hardware for you. This reduces the time required for valve selection, calculation and sizing of actuator and design of assembly hardware. It simplifies your logistics and procurement and ensures a working solution every time.


  • High flow full port valve
  • Balanced 4-seat construction
  • Simple pneumatic actuation
  • Dual piston rack and pinion quarter turn actuator
  • Double acting and spring return actuators
  • ISO/Namur/VDI/VDE interfaces for accessories
  • Suitable for outdoor, hazardous locations, and certain washdown environments
  • Suitable for range of fluids and inert gases


  • 4-seat design for positive shut-off, unlike 2-seated diverter valves
  • Three port function can reduce the number of valves required in a process system
  • One part number simplifies ordering and logistics
  • Fast delivery
  • No assembly required
  • Design of brackets and hardware not required
  • Preconfigured solutions simplifies product selection
  • Simple addition of accessories due to standard interfaces