Newsletter | November 6, 2020

11.06.20 -- What You Need To Know About The Future Of The Pharma Industry

How Can We Predict Immunogenicity Earlier?

With many biotherapeutics, a strong immunogenic response can limit the effectiveness of the treatment or cause a more serious illness. Detecting and preventing unwanted sources of immunogenicity as early in the discovery process as possible has become a top priority for research organizations, since biotherapeutic development becomes increasingly costly as it moves downstream.

IDMP: An Opportunity For Digital Continuity In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) is an international pharmacovigilance and patient safety initiative addressing the need for global identification of regulated pharmaceutical products during their life cycle. IDMP is an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to transform the way in which the continuity of digital information is leveraged and presented to provide a complete definition of the medicinal product.

Actionable Insights For The Pharmaceutical And Biotech Industry

Enhancing project management with analytics creates project intelligence, shifting a task-based activity to a performance-driven one. This article discusses the importance of using actionable insights within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, in addition to the benefits that these actionable insights provide.

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