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08.18.22 -- What's The Environmental Impact Of Biopharma Continuous Manufacturing? Part I

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Impact Of A Pandemic Outbreak On Vaccine Development Approach

Several challenges with traditional vaccine development methods must be overcome in order to reduce the timeline for vaccine distribution.

Viral Clearance: 7 Chromatography Column Considerations

Viral clearance studies are a critical part of the production of biologics. Here are seven things to consider while performing your next chromatography viral clearance study.

Big Pharma Rethinking Resource Recovery Strategies

This article provides systematic methods to increase return on investment. Discover the seven primary investment recovery channels.

Align CMC Strategy With Clinical Path Requirements And Timelines

Manufacturers must understand the challenges associated with creating a CMC strategy, and the expertise and resources needed to execute it, in today’s crowded and diverse market.

Choosing A Spray Drying Manufacturer: Why Flexibility And Customizability Matter

Finding the right manufacturing partner can be a complex endeavor, particularly for companies pursuing therapeutics with complex chemistries or spray-drying needs.

Particle Engineering For Inhalation Drug Delivery

This article discusses key parameters for choosing the right particle engineering approach to meet dry powder inhaler (DPI) target product profiles for inhalation-based drug products.

A Look At Column Reproducibility: Analysis Of Endogenous Steroid Hormones In Serum

Having reproducible columns is critical for the success of batch-to-batch testing of stationary phases, as well as ensuring lifelong performance for the assay.

Continuous Flow Manufacturing Of Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Strong growth is anticipated for continuous flow manufacturing of APIs as it offers important advantages over traditional batch manufacturing in terms of quality, safety, and sustainability of the overall process.

The Role Of pH And Residue In Pharmaceutical Cleaning

A great deal is known about how pH affects aqueous critical cleaning. Typically, alkaline cleaners are used on oily residues and acidic cleaners are used on inorganic residues.

Track And Trace Solutions Successful At Aenova

Aenova Group is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies and relies on high-quality standards and innovative technologies to address serialization requirements for drugs.

Nasal Delivery Technology, QbD Processes, And Outsourcing

Understand the advantages of unit/bi-dose nasal delivery technology, application of QbD processes for inhaled product development, and why to outsource inhalation development and manufacturing.

Leveraging True Expertise And Flexibility For Lipid Nanoparticle Clinical Manufacturing

Explore the unique capabilities at a Vancouver, Canada, site for clinical-scale manufacture of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs).

Developing Biosimilars: Challenges And Solutions

Biophysical characterization requires technologies that often require expensive reagents, large quantities of samples, and experimental conditions optimization. Simplified analytical workflows can help.

Sterile Filtration Of Adeno-Associated Viruses

Learn from experts and discover how using scalable manufacturing tools can accelerate your gene therapy development.

HPOS: Challenges And Considerations

Experts discuss key considerations and three primary challenges faced during the development and manufacture of highly potent oral solids.

Short-Term Solution Or Long-Term Strategy? Planning For Outsourced Drug Development Shifts

As we look forward to the future of drug development, a panel comprising industry consultants and early development experts discussed examining new short- and long-term CDMO and supply chain strategies.

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