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06.23.22 -- Why Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine Threatens Our Vibrant Life Science Ecosystem

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API Sparing Techniques In Early Development

Advances in in silico and experimental techniques mean that APIs and prototype formulations can be thoroughly characterized using multiple material sparing assays.

Gene Therapies: A Guide To Aseptic Single-Use Connectors

Learn how aseptic connections can prove to make a big impact to efficiency and speed as you scale up.

Drive Efficiency, Reduce Waste: New Approach To Sustainable Chemistry

Conceived by the EPA more than 30 years ago, “green chemistry” prompts solutions to real-world environmental problems resulting from industrial processes, emissions, and waste.

Swifter, Safer DAC Column Turnover

This article explains an easy-to-implement system that would increase both efficiency and safety during the DAC column turnover process.

mAbs Biotech Recognizes Value In Expertise, Track Record

See how reputation for quality and experience with antibodies were driving forces in the CDMO selection for a CPI-006 antibody program.

Overcoming Limitations To Achieve Uniform Dosing

An immediate need for lower dose capsules in the clinic posed several challenges in blend formulation with very tight timelines for delivery.

Lung Cancer Treatment By Inhaled Formulations

Explore the formulation and manufacturing of a topotecan inhaled dry powder and its use in decreasing tumor size in an animal model.

Forecasting The Integrity Of The Biopharma Supply Chain

Receiving customer forecasts as early and completely as possible is critical to the success of the supply chain continuum.

Control Strategy Factors For Drug-Device Combination Products

Building a control strategy requires the understanding of connectivity among materials of composition, components, constituent parts, the final drug-device combination product, and critical process parameters.

Setting Up A BSC Work Zone For Microbiological Research

Here we suggest tips for preparing your biosafety cabinet work zone and note several commonly implemented strategies to help keep you and your samples safe from cross-contamination.

Continued Process Verification: Monitoring And Maintaining A State Of Control

To ensure that a commercial biomanufacturing process is in a state of control, life sciences companies must create and successfully execute initiatives to meet continued process verification (CPV) and other monitoring guidelines. Learn how to navigate the major steps of implementing a global monitoring plan for continued process verification.

Shedding Light On Insulin Aggregation

This application note demonstrates how protein aggregation can be monitored and how particle size and particle mass can be measured quickly and conveniently by using light scattering techniques.

How Augmented Reality Increases Productivity At Bristol Myers-Squibb

With new tools, including specialized headsets that work like handsfree, wearable tablets, users can connect with real-time video and data from across the company’s global network of sites.

Best Practices In Viral Vector Analytical Characterization

Review tips and considerations for robust viral vector analytical characterization, including strategies to overcome challenges in assessing impurities and defining critical quality attributes (CQAs).

Wearable Injectors: An Alternative To Traditional Intravenous Administration

See a quick visual summary of findings from an early feasibility clinical study featuring a 2-5 mL wearable injector with a viscous placebo.

Why Are Lipid Formulations Commonly Used To Enhance Bioavailability?

A discussion on potential mechanisms of increased absorption with lipid formulations, screening tools used during the development of these formulations, scale-up, and industrialization considerations. 

How To Effectively Manipulate Highly Potent Products In The Pharma Industry

This online event will give you the opportunity to gain insight into process innovation, occupational health and safety questions, and appropriate technologies available today to overcome the many challenges in high-containment manufacturing facilities.

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