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08.27.21 -- Why We Shouldn't Be Categorizing Digital Therapeutics As Drugs

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Hardness Testing Of Soft Biomaterials And Hydrogels By Indentation Analysis

As nanoindentation methods have evolved, so too have the innovative solutions for performing this critical testing, such as the Bioindenter instrument from Anton Paar.

An Executive’s Checklist For CDMO Selection

Executives must take an early and active role in vetting potential partners by using a deeper understanding of the capabilities and characteristics a CDMO should have to successfully bring a product to market.

Leak Test Method Validation: Positive Control Samples For Parenterals

This presentation covers various forms of positive control samples for parenteral products as they relate to validating a leak test method, including which are best suited for each test method and technology.

Lyobead Technology In The Diagnostics And Pharma Sectors

This article explains the use of lyobead technology in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical sectors and describes how these beads have been used for different applications.

Mini-Spray Dryer Encloser Solution For Pharmaceutical Application

A client required an enclosure that could house the Buchi B-290 Mini-Spray Dryer and process. It was able to find a solution that offered containment down to less than one microgram per cubic meter.

Inline Weighing Technology Offers Additional Quality Check Features

Alongside weight monitoring, the checkweigher used at Protina Pharmazeutische offers other important functions that support the company's system of strict quality management.

Pfizer Installs Feeding Systems For Continuous Manufacturing Operations

This compact arrangement of pharmaceutical feeders supplied by Coperion K-Tron accurately delivers ingredients into the continuous mixing process, guaranteeing consistent and high-quality end products.

How To Effectively Manipulate Highly Potent Products In Pharma

This online event offers insights on process innovation, occupational health and safety questions, and technologies available to overcome the many challenges in high containment manufacturing facilities. 

Flexible Isolator Technology: Containment That Works

This webinar focuses on applications where flexible isolators have been used, including containment assessments to confirm performance and ergonomic benefits. 

The Use Of Robotics In Small-Scale Aseptic Fill/Finish Operations

This presentation addresses the changing needs for the manufacturing of biologics and the rationale for the use of robotics and automation in aseptic fill/finish processing of these products. The webinar covers industry drivers and manufacturing challenges for biologics and provides an introduction to robots and the specific advantages they provide.

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