News | August 13, 2012

Wide Selection Of Ross High Shear Mixers Offered With Fast Delivery

Ross High Shear Mixers

Over 30 different sizes and models of batch and inline Ross High Shear Mixers are offered from stock or built-to-order with fast delivery. Whether new or reconditioned, each rotor/stator mixer available for purchase or trial/rental is backed by the same Ross warranty. Several laboratory models are being offered for free consignment.

Features and options available:

  • Ideal for emulsification, homogenization, powder wet-out and particle size reduction.
  • Batch models: 3/4 to 200 HP (3 to 6,000-gallon capacities)
  • Inline models: 1 to 250 HP (10 to 1,800 gallons/minute flowrates)
  • Interchangeable stator heads.
  • Sanitary, CIP and 3A-approved models.
  • Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology for sub-surface addition of hard-to-disperse raw materials.
  • PreMax Batch Ultra-High Shear Mixer for very fine emulsions and dispersions.
  • X-Series, QuadSlot and MegaShear Inline Ultra-High Shear Mixers for very fine emulsions and dispersions.
  • Choice of TEFC, explosion-proof or washdown-duty motor.
  • A range of control options can be supplied, from simple variable frequency drives and operator stations to fully integrated PLC recipe systems.
  • Mix cans and recirculation vessels can also be provided with the necessary piping, heating/cooling jacket, auxiliary pump and other accessories.

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company