Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.) has offered our customers high quality, innovative and affordable Test & Measurement products for more than 20 years. ATC, Inc. began doing business as a custom machine builder. As our company grew we started specializing in leak testing when it became apparent that a better method of leak testing was needed. We developed the patented Micro-Flow Technology which is the basis for all of our equipment today!


Closure Integrity Testing For Pharmaceutical Containers & Products
Risk Mitigation With Pouch Packaging Inspection
Leak Testing Equipment For Packaging And Closure Containers
Container Closure Integrity Testing Of IV Bags
Mass Extraction (Vacuum) Leak Testing Equipment

The products we manufacture are divided into the following categories:

  • Leak Testing Instruments, Systems & Accessories, using our innovative, patented micro-flow technology.
  • Flow Calibration Systems, such as GAS-CAL©, a portable, computerized gas flow calibrator and FLO-CAL©, a portable, computerized liquid flow calibrator.
  • Custom Test Stands for Production and R&D Testing. Pressure, temperature and mechanical cycling and durability test systems.
  • Calibration and NDT Services at our state of the art facility with our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified standard lab. Our facility includes test benches for NDT, feasibility, and leak and flow testing, as well as a Class 1, Div. 1 hazardous gases (hydrogen and natural gas) flow facility. We offer test services using multiple NDT leak test methods and technologies, including tracer gas systems.

Advanced Test Concepts, Inc. (ATC, Inc.) established in 1987, has grown into a leading company in the fields of leak and flow instrumentation, testing and services. Our modern fully equipped plant services diverse industries such as automotive, HVAC, fuel & oil, electronics and telecommunication, medical devices, pharmaceutical, packaging, and more. Our company is positioned to meet the ever increasing demands for measurement accuracy within the manufacturing industry in the new millennium. Our products and systems incorporate many years of experience, professional integrity and the accountability of all ATC's team members. We offer leak (micro-flow) and flow measurement solutions. ATC, Inc. can work with you to develop your specifications, providing cost effective solutions from bench top instrumentation to custom test stands (CTS).

ATC's state of the art facility and laboratory are located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Our operation is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified, and A2LA accredited (certificate numbers 2197-01 and 2197-02), offering Calibration Services and Nondestructive Testing (NDT). Our NDT services includes leak testing with ATC's patented air micro-flow instruments and Helium Mass Spectrometry. Additional service centers are located in China, India, Mexico and Europe.