Automated Visual Package Inspection

Source: TASI Group: Bonfiglioli Engineering and Sepha


100% In-Line and Off-line Automated Visual Inspection of Packages.

Visual Inspection

100% In-Line and Off-line Automated Visual Inspection of Packages:

  • Measurement System is a computer based automated system that, taking images of Packages, visually inspect them to detect visual defects
  • Works on a broad range of Package systems – empty / filled with liquid or powder e.g.:V
    • Vials
    • Bottles
    • Ampoules
    • Pre-Filled Syringes and Cartridges
    • BFS / FFS
    • IV Bags
VI is accomplished by the following tasks:
  1. Images Acquiring: A suitable collection of images of the Package are acquired using video cameras
  2. Image Processing: Defects on the Package are identified and/or measured by using dedicated image processing algorithms
  3. Decision Making: Packages classified as defective (Non Conforming) are rejected, Packages classified as complying (Conforming) are approved

Cap Inspection

  • Detection of: Stopper absence, Defective Crimp, Dents, Flip Off Deformation and Wrong Color,  Cap Scratches and Deformations

Cosmetic Defect

  • Detection of Scratches, Deformations, Glass defects
  • Function:
    • The Package is spun for at least 360° along its vertical axis while passing in front of the respective Camera
    • Strobe white lights are switched on and off for each and every acquired image
  • Detection of wrong Fill Level and Liquid Color
  • Function:
    • Fill Level is evaluated by a dedicated ROI; meniscus position is calculated and compared to preset threshold ± tolerance
    • The color of Liquid product within the Package is identified through a dedicated ROI and by using the RGB color model
Foreign Particulate Matters
  • Detection of Particles and Fibers (reflecting and non reflecting)
  • Function:
    • The Package is provided with a Fast Spin along its vertical axis and then stopped abruptly in order to create a vortex in the liquid content
    • During the passage in front of the Cameras with the Package still and the liquid in rotary motion, a set of images is acquired.
    • Strobe light switches on and remains in this condition during the images acquisition process
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