Tips For Identifying And Correcting Data Integrity Deficiencies In Your Organization
Tips For Identifying And Correcting Data Integrity Deficiencies In Your Organization

Often, the thought of addressing computer system issues and data integrity evaluations becomes overwhelming to quality personnel, and thus these responsibilities are deferred to members of the IT department. I intend to simplify this topic and share some straightforward actions that firms can take to identify and correct deficiencies.

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  • BioMarin Transforms Supplier M&A Into Joint Ventures
    BioMarin Transforms Supplier M&A Into Joint Ventures

    To navigate supplier and CMO consolidation, Isaac Young, senior director, supply chain operations, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., offers some advice: Approach your outsourcing relationships like joint ventures. “As you have this greater engagement between two companies,” says Young, “you’re likely to enter an interdependent relationship. Why not acknowledge that rather than try to power-play or position one another?”

  • Amgen Looks To Air And Auto For Advice
    Amgen Looks To Air And Auto For Advice

    There are roughly 38,000 components that go into building a commercial airplane; in the automotive industry, it’s about 13,000  to build a car. “That requires just a little bit of coordination,” says Rodney MacLea of Amgen. If companies in those industries effectively manage much larger supply chains, why can’t pharma improve its performance? MacLea and Amgen set out to find out.

  • Sanofi-Genzyme Together On CMO Reputation Management
    Sanofi-Genzyme Together On CMO Reputation Management

    Not long after Sanofi tied the knot with Genzyme in 2011, Piet Houwen was asked to lead contract-manufacturing operations. Now about 5 years into the marriage, I visit with Houwen to learn about this combination of Big Pharma and Big Bio, his role, and an attitudinal adjustment for better biologics outsourcing.

  • The New Leadership Marketing
    The New Leadership Marketing

    Marketing today centers on the demonstration of active leadership and its promotion. Executive Editor Louis Garguilo describes this as “leadership marketing,” and says it's a step beyond what has become a stagnant “thought leadership.” He also puts value in a name, and thinks large conferences don’t fit this new age.

  • Genentech Speaks The Language Of CMOs
    Genentech Speaks The Language Of CMOs

    Todd Mabe, head of External Quality, Biologics Drug Substance for Genentech, knows his company has an inherent advantage when contracting for biologics production capacity. “It’s fair to say we’re a popular customer target,” he explains. But that doesn’t make the selection process a walk in the park. 

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  • Uni-Hoist HES (Hoist Electric Stationary) Video

    The Hanningfield Uni-Hoist HES is used to raise and lower a vacuum transfer hopper at the press of a button. This enables simple docking of the equipment above a process machine or lowering of the hopper to ground level for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Uni-Hoist HPM (Hoist Pneumatic Mobile) Video

    The Hanningfield Uni-Hoist HPM (Hoist Pneumatic Mobile) is an air-operated lifting device for the handling of containers, drums, IBCs etc.

  • A Simple, Efficient Method To Empty Capsules Into A Capsule Filling Machine

    The Hanningfield CapsuJet C20 (Empty Capsule Conveyor) is a simple and efficient method for the gentle and repeatable transfer of empty capsules into the capsule filling machine.

  • Uni-Mill M05-U Lactose Milling Trial Video

    The Uni-Mill M05-U can be used to grind and mill various materials. One of the most common is lactose, which is widely used as a bulking agent in pharmaceutical and food production. Lactose can be prone to clumping and caking when exposed to moisture or stored for long periods of time. Milling the lactose can re-powderise the product ready for normal processing.

  • Uni-Vac Vacuum Transfer Of Sucrose Video

    The Hanningfield Uni-Vac can be used for the transfer of most standard pharmaceutical powders, such as sucrose, lactose etc.  The system offers a fast and effective method for unloading drums and bags, moving the powder to the required destination (e.g. IBC, process machine or similar).  Where necessary, the vacuum conveying system can be fully contained for dust-tight powder transfer with zero emissions.

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  • Bosch Packaging Technology
    Bosch Packaging Technology

    With a history of 100 years of experience in the U.S., Bosch is a world leader in the pharmaceutical packaging industry

  • TSI Incorporated
    TSI Incorporated

    TSI Incorporated serves a global market by investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems. Whether you periodically certify your clean areas or monitor them, TSI products help simplify your task. Aerotrak™ Portable Particle Counters offer an simple icon driven touch screen interface, making it easy to set up and operate.

  • Marken

    Founded in 1980, Marken is focused on supporting Life Science companies assure the quality and integrity of clinical trial specimens and vital medications through the logistics chain. For nearly two decades, Marken has extended the reach of Pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories and clinical trial research organizations bridge the distance between patients and life science investigative resources.

  • Extract Technology
    Extract Technology

    Extract Technology, formerly known as Walker Barrier Systems in North and South America, is a leading supplier of containment and aseptic systems for the pharmaceutical, biotech and nuclear industries.




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Surviving a FDA GCP Inspection – Preparation Techniques for Success May 4, 2016
1pm-2:30pm EDT, Online Training
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