• Boehringer Ingelheim Revolutionizes Filling Line Flexibility
    Boehringer Ingelheim Revolutionizes Filling Line Flexibility

    Every pharmaceutical manufacturer has one ultimate goal in mind—to deliver a safe and effective drug to market quickly at the lowest cost possible. This desire is what drives many companies to constantly re-examine their processes and technology to ensure they’re using the best methods to achieve this outcome. At Boehringer Ingelheim, experts wanted to design a new filling line that was smaller than the traditional large isolator filling line yet still maintained a lot of the aspects of traditional filling lines—the goal being to not only maintain safety and quality while speeding up production but also to reduce costs.

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  • Air Particle Counters Resistant To Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP)
    Air Particle Counters Resistant To Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP)

    The use of Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) is commonplace in the pharmaceutical industry for disinfecting sterile manufacturing cores. Since VHP is a strong oxidizing agent it can be damaging to certain internal components in optically based air particle counting instruments. The MET ONE series of air particle counters have been specifically designed to utilize materials that will not be damaged by exposure to VHP. The testing outlined in this paper demonstrates the resistance of these components and stability of the instrument over an extended period of exposure time.

  • Just How Big Is Big Data?
    Just How Big Is Big Data?

    Despite all of this interest, a great deal of confusion remains around Big Data. Not only are there never-ending debates about what Big Data is, there's a huge range of possible Big Data solutions out there to choose from, only a few of which will be appropriate for any given situation or problem.

  • What Management Skills Have The Most Impact On GMP Performance?
    What Management Skills Have The Most Impact On GMP Performance?

    Some think the most critical success element in a GMP environment is the technical knowledge of those who perform the tasks, lead, or make decisions. For those in leadership or management roles, it is important to possess technical strength, but there are additional skills they must also have in order to truly be successful. So what specific skills do managers and supervisors need to be successful in a GMP environment?

  • From Cold To Controlled
    From Cold To Controlled

    World Courier Ground Europe reveals impressive test results for new fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles.

  • The Hidden Challenges of Pharmaceutical Serialization
    The Hidden Challenges of Pharmaceutical Serialization

    In the almost 40 years since counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products was recognised as a problem by the World Health Organization (WHO), the industry has waged a constant battle against increasingly sophisticated and organised counterfeiters, with drug packaging serving as one of its foremost defences.

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  • QbD: An Effective Roller Compaction Process
    QbD: An Effective Roller Compaction Process

    A description of the Roller Compaction process and the various process parameters that affect the quality of the roller compacted ribbons. Feed rate, compaction pressure, and roll speed are all discussed.

  • Quality and Manufacturing Complete Control- Keeping Documents on Track
    Quality and Manufacturing Complete Control- Keeping Documents on Track

    Trying to keep track of up-to-date documents and templates can be like chasing down…well you know. But with EMC Documentum Quality and Manufacturing time-consuming reviews and approval efforts can be minimized with centralized control and a unified document repository- all while adhering to GMP compliance and mitigating risks and delays.

  • R&D Submissions Ready- The Mission Control from EMC Documentum
    R&D Submissions Ready- The Mission Control from EMC Documentum

    EMC Documentum Research and Development delivers the control and collaboration needed to sit in the mission control seat. With predefined taxonomies, workflows and templates you can ensure both compliance and up-to-date regulatory submissions.

  • It Might Look Like Just A Box - But It's A Lot More Than That
    It Might Look Like Just A Box - But It's A Lot More Than That

    Envirotainer R&D continuously strives to improve reliability – it is core of all our operations. As a market leader, Envirotainer also takes on the role of driving innovation of existing products and solutions for the future.

  • Cold Chain Open House 2014 Webinar
    Cold Chain Open House 2014 Webinar

    Camille Madelon, Strategy and Business Development Director, states, “The industry needs innovation to stay competitive and relevant in the future – to meet new demands, for example due to changing regulations, emerging markets and new drug segments such as personalized medicine.”

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  • Cold Chain Technologies And Topa Thermal Packaging Debut KoolTemp GTS Instant

    Cold Chain Technologies (CCT) and Topa Thermal Packaging are pleased to introduce KoolTemp GTS Instant, an innovative pre-qualified temperature control shipping system driven by NanoCool “push button” technology, to maintain refrigerated temperatures for durations up to 96 hours, with no preconditioning of materials needed.

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  • NuAire, Inc.
    NuAire, Inc.

    Quality and dependability for the future. For over 30 years NuAire has been universally recognized as the leader in providing laboratory professionals with reliable products for the most demanding environments.

  • SP Scientific
    SP Scientific

    SP Scientific, Inc., is a manufacturer of equipment serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, educational, industrial, and OEM markets. Products are sold under well-known, market leading brand names.

  • Filamatic

    Filamatic has been providing solutions for liquid filling applications for over 50 years. Our equipment can be specifically designed to meet your unique needs and expectations. We have built our reputation and kept our customers satisfied by manufacturing equipment that is accommodating, dependable, and precise.

  • TSI Incorporated
    TSI Incorporated

    TSI Incorporated serves a global market by investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems. Whether you periodically certify your clean areas or monitor them, TSI products help simplify your task. Aerotrak™ Portable Particle Counters offer an simple icon driven touch screen interface, making it easy to set up and operate.






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