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  • How To Monitor The Performance Of Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs)
    How To Monitor The Performance Of Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs)

    The use of metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) for the treatment of diseases such as asthma has become popular since their introduction in the late 1950s. MDIs come in the form of nasal or oral inhalers and are much appreciated by patients who depend on them for their treatment. MDIs are designed to deliver precise/accurate and reproducible doses of the drug to the lungs or nose. This is crucial as patients rely on their inhaler to deliver the required medication at often crucial times when physical strength may be very low.

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Manual Cap Torque Analyzers Manual Cap Torque Analyzers

The ST Series of Manual Cap Torque Analyzers are designed to measure application and removal torque of bottle caps up to 50 lbFin [5.65 Nm]. Adjustable posts effectively grip a broad range of container shapes and sizes, while optional flat and adjustable jaws are available for unique profiles. A rugged aluminum design, and simple, intuitive operation allow for use in laboratory and production environments.

Clean Rooms/Controlled Environments Services Clean Rooms/Controlled Environments Services

To meet regulatory requirements, it is essential to ensure that the design of the Clean Rooms and Controlled Environments are correct for the type of operation they will be used for. It is incredibly important to monitor the Area for temperature, humidity, differential pressure, non-viable particulates and viable particulates to ensure that all ISO, EU, and FDA guidelines are able to be met.

Non-Destructive Cap Torque Tester Non-Destructive Cap Torque Tester

The Torqo 1600 is a durable and reliable computerized cap torque analyzer which is setting a new standard for torque measurement throughout the packaging industry. With on-board microprocessors, it makes torque testing simple, accurate and affordable. The Torqo 1600 is easy to use, easy to set up, easy to move and low maintenance! Tooling is available for any threaded closure – including child resistant caps – and this compact unit delivers and stores precise results at the touch of a button.

Lyophilizer/Freeze Dryer Validation Lyophilizer/Freeze Dryer Validation

With Lyophilizers and Freeze Dryer validation, it is essential to verify that the system can meet and control to the different temperature requirements during cycles. For sterilize-in-place (SIP) cycles, it is necessary to reproducibly demonstrate the ability to maintain the required temperatures, generate sufficient lethality during the cycle and reduce biological indicator populations to meet the customer requirements and industry standards. The ability of the system to successfully perform clean-in-place (CIP) cycles must also be accomplished.

Industrial Cap Torque Tester Industrial Cap Torque Tester

The ST-120-S features a servo drive control, infinite chuck rotation, quick-change tooling, a color touchscreen interface, and faster cycle times.

Temperature Control Units Validation Services Temperature Control Units Validation Services

When it comes to Validating Temperature Control Units, verifying system information, system controls and alarms is necessary. Verifying that the environmental conditions are able to be maintained under normal operations and are able to recover if normal operations are ever disrupted is of the utmost importance.

Gold Bottle Gold Bottle

The Gold Bottle is used to verify the operational repeatability of your Mesa torque analyzer.

Deprogenation Ovens & Tunnels Validation Deprogenation Ovens & Tunnels Validation

For Depyrogenation Ovens and Tunnel validations, it is critical to demonstrate that the system can meet, maintain, and control different temperature requirements during cycles. It is also vital that the Depyrogenation cycle shows the necessary reduction in biological indicator population or endotoxin removal to meet the customers’ and industry requirements.

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