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  • Clinical Trial Logistics In Africa: Ensuring Quality, Compliance And Control

    Today’s Africa has increasingly become a source of fascination for pharmaceutical researchers drawn to the study and control of both communicable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS as well as diseases of the developed world like cancer, diabetes, hypertension and chronic respiratory disease. By World Courier

  • Exceeding GMP Of Medical Devices At Each Step In The Production Continuum

    Through years, ATL has emerged as a leader in the manufacture of disposable medical devices. ATL is an FDA-registered medical device company whose custom disposable medical components are manufactured and shipped worldwide.

  • Don’t Get Blindsided By New USP Quality Standards
    Don’t Get Blindsided By New USP Quality Standards

    The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention’s (USP’s) Chapter 41 minimum quality standards for weights and balances have been updated after twenty years – and every pharmaceutical manufacturer has been waiting to see what that means in practice when the standards go into effect in December 2013. By Dirk Ahlbrecht, Sartorius Group

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  • Enabling Oral Delivery of Sensitive Molecules

    By eliminating the need for enteric coating, ECDDT can enable the oral delivery of sensitive molecules, such as nucleotides and peptides, biological products such as vaccines, and live biotherapeutic products (LBPs), which can degrade at the high temperatures or can be sensitive to aqueous coating solution associated with coating processes.

  • World Courier Biomedical Seminar 2015
    World Courier Biomedical Seminar 2015

    The World Courier Biomedical Seminar is the global conference where pharmaceutical, research and regulatory leaders receive insight on the dynamic industry — and the impact on global specialty transport. You’ll collaborate with industry thought leaders to surface new and innovative ways to solve business challenges.

  • Aseptic Management of the Sterility Testing Process
    Aseptic Management of the Sterility Testing Process

    Get the latest information on the aseptic management of the sterility testing process and find out some key insights into best practices. 

  • Common Misconceptions in Freeze-Drying: Part Two

    This is the second of two presentations addressing some of the most common misconceptions in freeze-drying (lyophilization) relating to formulations, process cycles, equipment and scale-up.  

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