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  • Rethinking Bioprocess Facility Design
    Rethinking Bioprocess Facility Design

    Frequent expert guests Herman and Erich Bozenhardt bring a collective 54 years of bioprocess facility design and production experience to the pages of this comprehensive ebook. In this compilation of their work, the father-and-son duo cover basic and advanced biopharma production considerations—from controlling bioburden to the unique challenges associated with filling autologous therapies—in the authoritative and snappy style that's become their trademark. Download this wide-ranging resource and learn how to let go of legacy aseptic filling line equipment, seven common filling blunders and how to avoid them, nontraditional design concepts for CAR T processing, what to do when your isolator is taking too long to de-gas, and a whole lot more.

  • Quality Risk Management 101
    Quality Risk Management 101


    Free collection of articles exploring topics including the various types of risks associated with medicinal products, the role of risk management in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical regulation, QRM principles and practices, the role of QRM across the product life cycle, primary literature sources for QRM, and common challenges associated with QRM implementation.

  • Cleaning Validation For The 21st Century
    Cleaning Validation For The 21st Century

    A collection of articles on the application of Science, Risk and Statistics to Cleaning.