• The API Process Development System For Personnel And Product Protection

    The API Process Development System was designed to provide personnel and product protection when working with powder and liquid substances. 

  • The Importance Of Automation For API Manufacturing: Bulk Handling, Dispensing, IBC Filling

    An operation required manual filling of IBCs by using a flexible isolator installed on an upper floor with large amounts of excipients (lactose and micro cellulose)> 100 kg and only a small amount of APls of a few kilos. Operation was strenuous due to the large quantity of excipients to be handled in the isolator which lead to the damage of the flexible isolator and containment breach. Several equipment and process changes allowed them to see an increase of plant productivity.

  • Five Tests For Pharmaceutical Containment

    As active pharmaceutical ingredients increase in potency and become more hazardous to work with, pharmacological and chemical containment devices are required to meet containment performance targets through independent testing before use in laboratories can begin. Typically, we test containment equipment against some minimum performance standard. This is necessary to protect procedural integrity and the sensitive products undergoing processing.

  • Toxic Treatments: Controlling Exposure Risks In ADC Manufacturing

    The potency and effectiveness of the ADCs are dependent upon engineered nanoparticles (ENPs), but little is known about the environmental and human health hazards posed by ENPs.

  • Containment Liability: Choosing Assurance Or Insurance

    Engineering controls designed to mitigate exposure and create separation between the operator and toxic material are available in many forms, all with their own unique advantages and risks.


  • Dec provide custom designed isolators for dispensing and/or sampling from various containers such as bags and drums into intermediate packagings or for direct charging into process equipment. These systems offer high containment and a controlled environment offering fast cleaning and drying features allowing for swift product changes.

  • A manual or automatic sampling valve can be adapted at the hopper or container powder outlet with a standard containment or bottle system.

  • One (1) used Howorth discharge isolator, stainless steel construction, single sided with (4) glove top section, bottom discharge section with (2) gloves, internally mounted vacuum receiver, stainless steel construction, Mettler Toledo scale, model KC120s, 30-60-120 KG capacity, with blower and controls, 460 volt, serial# 04187, new 2006.

  • Used 41" La Calhene rigid wall isolator, stainless steel construction, approximately 41" L-R, x 24" f-B, x 22" high internal dimensions, dual sided with (2) glove ports per side, bottom drum access and side access ports, on stand, serial# 1761.

  • Coperion and Coperion K-Tron diverter valves come with the assurance of decades of experience, know-how and proprietary development, and manufacturing with top quality materials.