• Unused Bosch Aseptic powder filling line, speeds up to 325 vials/minute, set up to fill 20 mL vials, .5 - 3.5 gram fills, 230/400 volt, 3 phase, Siemens S7 and Elau PacDrive controls, system built 2019, installed, commissioned with IQ/OC and not used.

  • Dense phase systems convey materials at slower velocity than traditional dilute phase pneumatic systems. Unlike dilute phase conveying, in which all the material is suspended in a high speed gas stream, dense phase conveying moves material in a slower but more concentrated manner, especially along the bottom of the pipeline. The dense phase system will be designed to move material in a strand, plug, or fluidized mode depending on the nature of the material and the plant configuration.

  • AST’s line of table-top machines, GENiSYS® Lab, are ideal systems for drug product development and cGMP production applications. Each system is designed to automate the critical aseptic operations for vial, syringe and cartridge processing to reduce contamination risk and product variability. These table-top systems are engineered to have complete compatibility with cleanroom environments, including Laminar Air Flow Hoods, Bio-Safety Cabinets and aseptic isolators.

  • Used Powrex high shear mixer, model FM-VG-25, stainless steel construction, 15 liter working capacity with high speed chopper driven by 1.5 kw motor, main shaft driven by 3.7 kw motor, with controls, serial# 903222, built 1990.

  • Automatic Tablet Press Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection tablet pressing operations involving a Carver Press 800 ANE with dimensions 35.43” x 23.62” x 39.37 [900mm X 600mm X 1000mm]. Enclosure features a polypropylene superstructure, black phenolic base dished to contain spills, and (3x) removable sliding doors for easy loading/unloading of equipment and processed product.