• The Keys To Superior Containment In Compounding Applications

    This paper reviews why very bad things happen when either quantity or purity of Highly Potent Active Pharmaceuticals is not properly maintained during the compounding process. 

  • Managing Risks With Potent Pharmaceutical Products

    Managing the risks associated with potent compounds requires a knowledgeable team as well as the design and implementation of an effective safety program.

  • Selecting The Best Pharmaceutical Mixing Equipment For Your Operations

    Finding the right mixing equipment isn’t as simple as selecting an item from a menu. This article is a guide to considerations when choosing pharmaceutical mixing equipment and vendors for a facility.

  • Considerations When Cleaning Your Tablet Presses & Tablet Tooling

    Implementing a cleaning procedure is essential to maintaining your tablet tooling and presses. Dirty tools cause tableting and product quality-related problems, such as sticking & picking. Keeping tools clean also decreases premature tool, turret and cam wear, and reduces the risk of product cross-contamination. While most cleaning methods can achieve similar results, utilizing an automated cleaning system, such as an ultrasonic wash with rinse and dryer, can ensure tooling is properly cleaned and dried consistently with limited handling and potential for damage. A warm air-drying process is ideal for preventing moisture and corrosion by pushing warm air through areas, such as key slots, punch cups, and die bores, that may not be dried properly with a traditional towel or cloth.


  • Vibratory Loss In Weight Feeder For Coating Applications

    The Coperion K-Tron PH line of pharmaceutical design loss-in-weight vibratory tray feeders combine high accuracy with a configuration which is ideal for metering of uncoated tablets direct to the tablet coating drum.

  • Aspetic And Non-Sterile Glove Boxes And Containment Systems For HPAPI Processing

    As more information becomes available about the toxicity and potency increases across the marketplace, the need for personnel and/or product protection grows. Flow Sciences is the world leader in sophisticated containment to meet these challenges with proprietary engineering and design that allows for the creation of validated engineered solutions.

  • Tangential Flow Filtration Enclosure

    Tangential Flow Filtration Enclosure designed for effective personnel and product protection while working with HPAPI powder when performing TFF (tangential flow filtration) of conjugated liquids. The enclosure features polypropylene superstructure with light-filtering acrylic panels designed to protect light-sensitive product. Additionally, the enclosure features (2x) large hinged barn doors from each side, supporting table with bottom shelf made from black phenolic, and (2x) iris ports on each side. LED lighting feature includes white and yellow color settings. Powder-coated steel table with leveling pads also included.

  • 23 Inch Continuous Liner Systems For Pharmaceutical And Biopharma Powder Containment

    An easy-to-use system that has been proven effective in containing active pharmaceutical ingredients API’s and other hazardous compounds to assure a safe and effective transfer of powders - an operational requirement that cannot be achieved with a standard drum liner.

  • Continuous Liner Containment For Pharmaceutical And Biopharma Powders

    The ILC Dover Continuous Liner is an easy-to-use system that has been proven effective in containing active pharmaceutical ingredients and other hazardous compounds.