• Enabling Enteric Protection And Rapid Release In The Upper Small Intestine

    Enteric coatings have been utilized with oral drug products for more than 60 years to protect acid-sensitive APIs from gastric acids and prevent gastric irritation by aggressive APIs. However, for many complex drug products targeting the small intestine or ileocolonic region, enteric protection on its own is insufficient to maximize absorption and enhance bioavailability. A new and unique oral drug delivery technology could be the solution.

  • How To Effectively Manipulate Highly Potent Products In The Pharmaceutical Industry

    This online event will give you the opportunity to gain insight on process innovation, occupational health and safety questions and appropriate technologies available today to overcome the many challenges in high containment manufacturing facilities. The handling of HPAPIs is a highly complex process and calls for sophisticated equipment and process isolators. Dec offers comprehensive solutions for R&D teams to production plants.

  • Fill-Finish Equipment For Pharma Production: SP i-Dositecno 50 VPM Isolated Line With Freeze Drying Automated

    The SP i-Dositecno 40 vial per minute line under isolation for liquid and freeze-dried products (RTU components).

  • Installation Of Powder Transfer System And Powder Blender To Achieve Sterility Level Requirements

    A facility handled sterile blending and packing powder from a tilting filter dryer under sterile conditions. They were transferring the discharge of the tilting dryer by screw feeder and transferring into an agitated mixer. Discharging the mixer by a screw feeder into a packing system. They were encountering sterility loss through mechanical seals and docking of the dryer to the screw feeder and difficulties to clean and sterilize the system in place. A solution was a full automatice system including a transfer system, batchmixer and sampling device.

  • Flexible Isolator Technology – Containment That Works

    This webinar focuses on applications where flexible isolators have been used, including containment assessments to confirm performance and ergonomic benefits. 

  • The Rise In Single Use Containment For CMOs

    The on-demand webinar CMO/CDMO Facilities Gain Value with Single-Use Containment presents a case study for an OSD process, shared facilities and HBEL/ADE requirements.

  • The Importance Of Automation For API Manufacturing: Bulk Handling, Dispensing, IBC Filling

    An operation required manual filling of IBCs by using a flexible isolator installed on an upper floor with large amounts of excipients (lactose and micro cellulose)> 100 kg and only a small amount of APls of a few kilos. Operation was strenuous due to the large quantity of excipients to be handled in the isolator which lead to the damage of the flexible isolator and containment breach. Several equipment and process changes allowed them to see an increase of plant productivity.

  • Modular Containment Unit Solution For A Genevac EZ2 Elite Evaporator

    Flow Sciences, Inc. was tasked with designing a modular containment unit that would house a Genevac EZ2 Elite Evaporator and allow for transfer of materials post-manipulation into a separate, connected balance enclosure for weighing. Read how they were able to deliver the product within the client's very specific size and performance specification.

  • The Oncology Workstation With EziDock CSV6 HPAPI Transfer For Superior Personnel And Product Protection

    The Oncology Workstation with EziDock CSV6 HPAPI Transfer was designed to provide personnel and product protection while working with powder substances. It was determined due to the high OEL that a glovebox workstation would best suit the application, and an Ezi-Dock high containment transfer system was used due to its capacity to handle hazardous chemical and pharmaceutical products.


  • From the incoming materials handling to the final packaging, Dec offers efficient and reliable solutions without altering product characteristics and adapted to specific containment needs.

  • Dec offers filling lines for both liquids and solids for the aseptic fill-finish process that require high containment equipment.

  • HPAPI Capsule Inspection System is designed to provide personnel protection during the inspection of filled capsules containing Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (HPAPI) powder. Accommodates space for an analytical weighing balance and capsule inspection bats (paddles). Acrylic viewing panels above enclosure face provide continuous, uninterrupted line of sight during inspection processes. Inspected product may be safely removed from the enclosure by inserting material through a continuous liner cut-out located in the center of the enclosure base. Waste is removed from the right-side continuous liner.

  • The Coperion K-Tron PH line of pharmaceutical design loss-in-weight vibratory tray feeders combine high accuracy with a configuration which is ideal for metering of uncoated tablets direct to the tablet coating drum.

  • In pharmaceutical manufacturing containment performance is critical to minimize operator exposure and process cross contamination.