• Mini-Spray Dryer Encloser Solution For Pharmaceutical Application

    A client required the design and build an enclosure that could house the Buchi B-290 Mini-Spray Dryer during process. See how this designer/manufacturer was able to provide a solution that could offer containment down to less than one microgram per cubic meter.

  • Breaking The Misconceptions Of Maximum Compression Force

    With proper formulation development and tablet design the tablet press operator should be able to manufacture quality tablets without exceeding the tooling’s maximum compression force rating.

  • Particle Analysis Suite Facilitate Flexibility In Dynamic Laboratory Work Environment

    Flow Sciences is known for their flexibility and their unique reception of customer needs. When approached by a client with a specific design request, Flow Sciences was able to work with the client, including supplying a fiberboard mockup so they could make additional considerations before finalizing the design, to come up with a solution.

  • Preventing Sticking And Picking Through Tablet Design

    Sticking or picking issues are often not detected. Prevent unanticipated problems during scale-up and full-scale production by considering tablet compression issues before tablet designs are finalized.

  • Aseptic Filling Of Dry Powder And Liquid In Dual Chamber Syringes

    The trend towards pre-filled disposable syringes whether of the single or dual chamber type is increasing. This webcast concentrates on the aseptic pharmaceutical packaging process challenges that need to be addressed in the final filling process of dual chamber syringes, where both liquid and powdery substances are mixed by the patient immediately prior to injection. This practice shows clear advantages as it can eliminate preservatives needs while enabling longer shelf lives.


  • Used MG2 Capsule Filling System: Labby Model

    Used MG2 capsule filler, model LABBY, rated up to 3000 capsules/hour, with size 0,1 and 3 change parts, 230 volt, serial# 7621, built 2012.

  • Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Enclosure

    Automatic Tablet Press Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection tablet pressing operations involving a Carver Press 800 ANE with dimensions 35.43” x 23.62” x 39.37 [900mm X 600mm X 1000mm]. Enclosure features a polypropylene superstructure, black phenolic base dished to contain spills, and (3x) removable sliding doors for easy loading/unloading of equipment and processed product.

  • Flow Sciences Hybrid Isolator Series

    With the explosion in usage of High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI’s), containment of these compounds and personnel protection have become of major concern to scientists. In order to combat potentially high capital outlays for equipment, many companies are looking at alternative methods of containment, including modification of existing equipment. The Hybrid Isolator, offered by Flow Sciences, Inc., is one such method of reducing the cost of containment.

  • ArmorFlex® Film: Flexible Containment Solutions

    Using single-use technologies to achieve continuous manufacturing has long been a goal of biomanufacturers. At ILC Dover, we have focused on developing premier films for a wide array of powder handling and containment needs. As a result, our engineers have created cutting-edge films designed to provide unmatched performance characteristics, while increasing handling speed and safety.

  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

    Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, FIBCs or bulk bags are large woven polypropylene bags designed for storing and transporting dry flowable bulk products.