• Modular Containment Unit Solution For A Genevac EZ2 Elite Evaporator

    Flow Sciences, Inc. was tasked with designing a modular containment unit that would house a Genevac EZ2 Elite Evaporator and allow for transfer of materials post-manipulation into a separate, connected balance enclosure for weighing. Read how they were able to deliver the product within the client's very specific size and performance specification.

  • Nitrogen Purge Optimization And Validation Of Sterile Liquid Filling Lines

    Large molecule biopharmaceuticals can be prone to oxidation and to prevent this from occurring, the headspace is often purged with an inert gas during filling to ensure a longer shelf life.

  • New Technologies For Safe And Contained Powder Handling In The Bulk Pharmaceutical Industry

    Powder handling plays a major role in the design and the operation of an API facility, and can often become the “bottle neck” of the plant. The constantly increasing toxicity and reactivity of products in recent years as well as the ever more demanding production standards with regard to quality have made closed powder handling an unavoidable factor and manual handling obsolete. Selecting a suitable technology has become vital for the development of a project since it can largely influence the entire design.

  • The API Process Development System For Personnel And Product Protection

    The API Process Development System was designed to provide personnel and product protection when working with powder and liquid substances. Read more about this solution that offers easy operator access for cleaning purposes, inlet HEPA filtration, bag-in/bag-out filtration with dual HEPA filters, and LED lighting and acrylic viewing panels maximized lighting across the workspace.


  • Used 20 Station Manesty Tablet Press

    Used Manesty Express rotary tablet press, 20 station, 10 ton compression pressure with 1 ton pre compression, 1" max tablet diameter, 13/16" max depth of fill, keyed upper punch guides, single sided with force feeder and feed hopper, rated up to 120,000 tablets/hour throughput, 588 hours on meter, serial# 1399772, rebuilt by Natoli, serial# 10840R.

  • Used Bosch Packaging Capsule Filler With Checkweigher

    Bosch GKF 2500 ASB 100% ASB/IPK Capsule Filling Machine (100%) With KKE-2500 Check Weigher With Touch Screen Controller.

  • Used Howorth Pharmaceutical Discharge Isolator

    One (1) used Howorth discharge isolator, stainless steel construction, single sided with (4) glove top section, bottom discharge section with (2) gloves, internally mounted vacuum receiver, stainless steel construction, Mettler Toledo scale, model KC120s, 30-60-120 KG capacity, with blower and controls, 460 volt, serial# 04187, new 2006.

  • Pharmaceutical Vacuum Conveying Systems

    Contained material transfer of raw materials and finished goods for a variety of pharmaceutical operations via vacuum conveying.

  • Smart VacPrep™: Gas Adsorption Sample Preparation Device

    The new Smart VacPrep is an advanced six-port system that utilizes vacuum to prepare samples by heating and evacuation. Each of the ports may be operated independently. Samples may be added or removed from degas ports without disturbing the treatment of other samples undergoing preparation. Degassing automatically terminates when the samples have completed all programmed steps.