Featured Pharma Online Editorial

  1. Mystery And Danger: Flammables And Oxidizers In Pharma Filling Operations

    BPO, benzyl peroxide, a compound that has both a fuel source and oxygen (two legs of the fire triangle) built into it, can make handling of a purified version of this compound very interesting. 

  2. How Technology Will Reshape The Future Of Aseptic Processing

    Using new and existing technologies to improve aseptic processing manufacturing may provide the need and opportunity for new approaches to process control and monitoring. 

  3. 3D Printing In The Pharmaceutical Industry: Where Does It Currently Stand?

    In 2015, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals produced the first tablet manufactured through 3D printing to be approved by the FDA. Now, with applications in controlled release, short-run medicines, and even the potential for on-site printing at pharmacies, 3D printing technology has the ability to transform the pharmaceutical industry.

  4. Janssen’s Fruitful Continuous Manufacturing Collaboration

    Janssen Supply Chain’s ongoing partnership with the Rutgers University School of Engineering has produced valuable research and intelligence on continuous manufacturing processes that are enabling the pharma giant to effectively turn the concept into reality.

  5. 3D Printing Poised To Make Big Pharma Impact

    While 3D printing is making a huge impact in other areas of healthcare, it has yet to make a splash in the pharmaceutical industry. However, a recent study reveals how 3D printing can help enhance the customization and personalization of medicines in the near future.

  6. Investigation Of New Level Technologies In Single Use, Disposable Systems

    This article presents guided wave radar level measurement as an acceptable, less expensive alternate to load cell systems. By David Ladoski and Dan Klees