• Assurance Of Quality Supply For Single-Use Pre-designed Solutions

    Read how resin specifications, process qualification and process controls established at all stages of the manufacturing process can ensure quality, change control and business continuity.

  • Filling Line Nitrogen Purge Qualification In Manufacturing

    A client had an existing filling line and wanted to optimize the nitrogen purge process to decrease headspace oxygen levels to 2%. In addition, frequent line stoppages resulted in a need to identify and reject high oxygen vials that had lost the nitrogen headspace during the stoppage. A purging process qualification study was performed using rapid non-destructive headspace oxygen analysis in an at-line set-up with samples being measured immediately from the line.

  • Sterile Production Process Studies Using 100% Headspace Inspection Of Finished Product

    This app note describes the application of the PULSAR inspection platform to perform 100% headspace oxygen monitoring during the filling of oxygen-sensitive formulations, 100% container closure inspection of suspect batches, moisture inspection of freeze dried product, and automated media fill inspection.

  • In-Process Monitoring Of Headspace Oxygen Levels In Parenteral Containers

    Using a high sensitivity detection technique known as Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy (FMS), LIGHTHOUSE rapid non-destructive headspace oxygen inspection can help streamline the monitoring of purge performance on the filling line. This paper demonstrates the correlation of the FMS rapid non-destructive technique for analyzing headspace oxygen levels with the most commonly used conventional destructive techniques for headspace oxygen inspection.

  • A Guide To Weigh Cell Technologies For Food And Pharma Industries

    For parcel processing, as well as food and healthcare packaging, recent technology advancements have made in-motion weighing operations more precise and profitable. The latest and greatest catchweighers and checkweighers incorporate weigh cells featuring Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration, or EMFR. In addition, combining EMFR with AVC (Active Vibration Compensation) enables accurate product weight measurements.