• Water Activity And Primary Packaging Selection For Oral Solid Dosage Products

    The draft of the new general chapter USP<922> states that water activity determination can be used to assess the level of protection provided by primary packaging for an oral solid dosage (OSD) product over its entire shelf life. Water activity (Aw) measurements provide unique information, and therefore expand and complement the data collected from USP<670> Auxiliary Packing Components and USP<671> Containers - Performance Testing.

  • Evaluating The Container Closure Integrity Of A Vial Using Headspace Gas Ingress Methods

    To ensure patient safety, pharmaceutical products must be kept properly packaged prior to use. Proper packaging prevents ingress of contaminants. Unfortunately, these contaminants are not always visible to the human eye and container closure integrity (CCI) tests must be performed to ensure the package has not been compromised. One way to test for proper CCI is to analyze the headspace gas composition of the vial.

  • Business Continuity Program Helps Maintain Operations In The Face Of Crisis

    Get insights into implementing a robust business continuity management program that can help secure supply, reduce risks, and maintain quality in manufacturing operations, through a crisis situation.

  • Ensuring Strength And Flexibility Of Single-Use Bags In All Applications

    The costs are high when leakage occurs during steps that are critical to patient safety. Read how the robustness of Sartorius films makes them safe and easy to use for all process steps and applications.

  • Water Activity Determination Of Oral Solid Dosage Products Using Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy

    Controlling water content in oral solid dosage (OSD) products, and dry pharmaceutical products in general, is essential to maintaining efficacy and safety. Measuring the water activity at multiple time points during the product life-cycle will correlate to changes in critical quality attributes such as degradation of the active ingredient, changes in the dissolution or disintegration rate, and changes in physical properties such as hardness or friability.

  • IDMP: An Opportunity For Digital Continuity In The Pharmaceutical Industry

    Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) is an international pharmacovigilance and patient safety initiative addressing this need for global identification of regulated pharmaceutical products during their lifecycle. IDMP is an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to transform the way in which the continuity of digital information is leveraged and presented to provide a complete definition of the medicinal product, bringing immense business benefits and competitive advantage.




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